The Tiny Heart: Adult Coloring Book Wall Art


Adult Coloring Book Wall Art

While the holidays are fun, they can also be super stressful with figuring out what gifts to get, coordinating schedules to see family,  and picking out holiday outfits for the umpteenth holiday party. During all the craziness, my introvert self needs a little time alone to unwind! I decided to get an adult coloring book since they are very popular right now for relaxation. Hallmark had a whole section of adult coloring books making it hard to choose. They also had a bunch of crayons and color pencils to go with the books. 

I picked these mechanical pencils since they bring back memories of elementary school and they're in a cute carrying case. Once I started coloring, I understood why everyone loves these adult coloring books. Since I was too busy focusing on what colors to pick, I wasn't stressing about anything.

Here is my finished page from the coloring book:

All of the pages in the Hallmark adult coloring books are perforated so you can rip them out. I decided to frame mine to turn it into wall art. I selected a simple silver frame to not detract from the colorful piece.

Here's a video tutorial as well:

Find the full selection of adult coloring books at Hallmark Gold Crown.


  1. I have a bunch of adult coloring books that I love! I draw in them all the time when I'm bored or stressed!
    Sincerely, Sara


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