The Tiny Heart: The Key to Thicker, Fuller Hair + Giveaway!


The Key to Thicker, Fuller Hair + Giveaway!

All my life I've had thin hair, which I absolutely hate. It has gotten worse over time, due to my constant use of the flat iron to make my wavy hair straight. I've always dreamed of having a beautiful, thick head of hair. On my wedding day, I decided to wear hair extensions so that my hair would appear both thicker and fuller. While I'd love my hair to look like that every day, I find hair extensions are too time consuming to put in when I'm rushing to get ready for work.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to interview Jill Crosby, celebrity stylist, to get her hair tips and tricks. 

1. What products do you recommend for styling thinner hair?
Mousses, thickening spray, dry shampoo are all great go to's to get instant volume on the run.

2. Which hair styles are best for hair to appear fuller and thicker?
I like styles that creat a weight line. They can be short or medium lengths even long as long as they aren't scraggly . Building in definition helps to make a look appear thicker.

3. How should heat tools be used on thin hair?
Carefully!!! Turn down the heat on all your tools so as not to hurt the hair one already has. Thinning hair responds better to less heat, it doesn't need as much heat to get the beautiful styles one wants.

4. How often should women with thin hair get a haircut?
That will be based on how fast her hair grows and how "tight" she wants to keep her style ...every woman is different. Keeping hair healthy means getting a cut before damage sets in.

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Products were provided by the Women’s ROGAINE® Foam. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Tip: to have less frizz place a smidgen of talcum powder on your hand and brush it on root.

  2. For shinier hair, I smash a full avocado, two tablespoons of mayo (smells but it does work) and spread it all over scalp. Place a plastic bag over your hair, since you need to leave it on for at least 30 mins to help it from no spreading all over your face/neck/body.

  3. I never blow dry my hair and it helps prevent damage.

  4. I love this interview! She has some great tips!

    The Closet by Christie

  5. i wish i could be the only wash every other day group, but i feel gross and oily. i think investing in high quality straightener, which i use daily, is a necessity. thanks!

  6. I let my hair air dry for a while after I wash it and finish drying it and styling it with the hair dryer so it doesn't get as much heat as drying it all the way with the hair dryer. And I have been losing way more hair than usual for the past month.

  7. I am a guy, so my option does not apply to you or your listeners(my wife certainly would never do it), is to shave it off. I have had my head shaved since I was in the second grade. I couldn't imagine how uncomfortable a head of hair would be after all of these years.

  8. make sure and not wash your hair everyday so it won't be dry!

  9. I don't have any tips :/ but I'm actively looking for some hah!

  10. Wear cute hats on bad hair days.

  11. I've been using castor oil mixed with other oils to make my hair thicker and healthier!

  12. I use mouse to help amp up my volume and cover up my thin spots

  13. My tip is to blow dry your hair upside down for extra volume and always use a thickening mousse.

  14. I only wash my hair every few days and also blow dry my hair upside down. I even have very heavy, long hair and these tricks still do wonders! XO


  15. My hair tip is to get routine haircuts to get rid of split ends and dead looking hair for a healthier look. I also find that shorter hair looks fuller and thicker.

  16. I love Pantene Shine conditioner and shampoo. It works really well and truly does give nice shine. My trick is to never blow-dry my hair all the way dry. I just dry it to the point of the heavy wetness being gone. :)

  17. Set your flat iron to 375 degrees. More than that and it just burns the hair.

  18. My hair tip is to use an old t-shirt instead of a towel when drying your hair because it's much gentler on your hair strands.

  19. I reverse shampoo and dab coconut oil on my ends after showering. It prevents split ends and breakage like none other!


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