The Tiny Heart: Summer Wishlist 2015


Summer Wishlist 2015

1. A pair of Ray Ban Junior Wayfarers. The junior size is perfect for my petite face!

2. Wedge sandals. Most of my sandals are flat, so wedges would be a great addition to my summer shoe collection.

3. An off the shoulder top. This trend is so cute and is perfect on a hot weekend day.

4. A 50 mm lens. Ever since I got my DSLR last year, I've wanted to up my photo game with this lens.

5. Pineapple print dress. Nothing screams tropical vacay quite like pineapple print.

You guys know I love to shop (it's my favorite hobby), but I hate paying full price. If I'm not getting something at a discount, my cheapskate self usually won't buy it. Hence, I have a bunch of items of my wishlist. When I'm shopping online for them, I'll be checking out eBayEveryone knows you can get a deal on eBay, but now you don't have to bid. (Personally, I hate bidding since it stresses me out not knowing if I'll get the item at the end!) eBay Daily Deals features items at 20-90% off at a fixed price and free shipping. The deals are in limited quanity though so if you see something you love, you need to purchase ASAP.



  1. Never knew eBay had daily deals. Good luck finding the items on your Wishlist.

  2. I didn't know Ray Ban had junior sizes. I have the same problem - small face- so a lot of sunglasses just make me look like a bug :)

  3. Loving your picks, Sharon! I especially love that off the shoulder crop top. So cute for the summer!

    The Closet by Christie

  4. Get the lens!! Get it get it get it! It's wonderful and takes beautiful pictures! It does take some getting used to because you have to be pretty far from the camera to get the whole shot, but I've been using it for nearly a year now since I've gotten used to it.


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