The Tiny Heart: Road Rage


Road Rage

Mossimo Denim Vest, Mossimo Seamless Tank, Maxi (dress worn as skirt)-Old Navy (similar H&M Maxi Skirt for $12.95), Necklace-Etsy (similar Forever 21 Leaf Necklace for $3.90), Sandals-American Eagle (similar Legend Footwear Tanaya Flat Sandal)

The other day I was driving to work and the cars in front of me were going super slow. The road is along the beach so the speed limit is only 40 but we were barely going 30. I guess the driver in front was getting annoyed with me since he put his arm up out the window. We then get to a red light and he sticks his phone out the window to take a photo of my car! Who does that?! I have no idea what he planned to do with it...go to the police? Put it up on Facebook? Save it for later to remember my car? Either way I decided to turn at the light and get away from him.

The joke's on him though since he had an early 2000s flip phone. Since I was behind him, he couldn't actually see what he was taking with the camera. I'm convinced whatever photo he took was probably just the road and incredibly grainy. Sorry buddy, get an iPhone. 

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  1. Denim vest can dress up any outfit. I feel like it's the perfect piece in any closet (and I can't seem to find mine for weeks now lol) Cute outfit!

    Happy Medley

  2. Oh my gosh! Why would he take a photo of you? That's so weird! Smart thinking to turn away from him!

  3. Lovely outfit! Tolly xoxo


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