The Tiny Heart: Mix It Mondays: Blue Gingham Shirt


Mix It Mondays: Blue Gingham Shirt

Jacket-Old Navy (similar Forever 21 Utility Jacket), Shirt-H&M (similar Forever 21 Gingham Shirt), Old Navy Rockstar Jeans, Bag-Forever Tiff Couture, Boots-Nordstorm (similar Steve Madden Intyce Boots)

Hard to believe, but we had another snowstorm on Friday. Just when I think the snow is gone for good, we get another round. I'm beginning to think it'll snow in April. Luckily on Saturday, the sun melted it away. Good riddance!

Despite the weather, I'm determined to bring out some of my spring pieces like this blue gingham shirt. I'm remixing it today with a utility jacket. I previously wore it with a red boyfriend cardigan and Chucks

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  1. Yay for Old Navy utility pieces! I'm wearing their vest today! Sending lots of good weather vibes your way. NO more snow!!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. And now we got the snow! Lucky us! I'm hoping it melts as quickly as yours did too. Love your gingham top!

  3. Such a cute outfit, and it's been windy so the jacket is needed. Hopefully no more snow.

  4. Love the blue gingham with the jacket!

  5. Fingers crossed that you don't get any more snow til next winter! I bet your sick of it! I love the gingham! I used to have a similar shirt but I gave it to my sister last year and now I want to steal it back. lol

  6. i love gingham. that shirt looks really good on you sharon and I love your boots and purse.

  7. Great way to style an anorak. Love the entire ensemble! You look perfect :)

  8. I have retired my tall boots until next year. I refuse to wear them! Instead I've been wearing flats and light sweaters in the hopes that Mother Nature will realize it's time for spring haha!

  9. i love that jacket!! i want one like that!


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