The Tiny Heart: Evian Facial Spray


Evian Facial Spray

I received a bottle of Evian Facial Spray for review (15 oz bottle, retails for $12.00). I was a bit skeptical about it, since it's basically Evian water in a can. But now that I tried it for myself, I can see what the hype is about! I used it prior to applying moisturizer as part of my usual routine. The spray comes out in a very fine mist and it was actually very refreshing. In the winter my skin gets very dry and this is great for re-hydrating. I'm thinking the spray would also feel wonderful on a hot summer day to instantly cool off. It can also be sprayed over makeup to give it a more natural look (just hold spray further away from your face). Or it can also be used to refresh makeup throughout the day. 

Please Note: I received a complimentary Evian Facial Spray for review from BrandBacker. However, the opinions expressed are solely mine.


  1. all i can think is: evian, why don't you go drink a bottle of yourself!

  2. I've been so curious about this, but it sounds great!


  3. I enjoy these types of sprays. I haven't tried this one, but it sounds awesome.

  4. I definitely have to check this out. I have heard of it, but like you, I thought it was simply water in a spray bottle. Thanks for the review. Happy Holidays

  5. I've been wondering about trying this for over a year now. Maybe I'll have to grab some now :)


    La Joie de Vivre

  6. I tried it, but it didn't really benefit me all that much. It's probably because my skin is on the oily side. It's good that the product works for you!

  7. Hi Sharon!! I have been eyeing this product for a while now!! So happy to hear it works and feels great! I will definitely be looking into this for myself! Thank you for sharing! :) Have a great weekend, happy holidays and talk soon! XOXO



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