The Tiny Heart: Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler Review


Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler Review

I was sent the Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler to review (retail $59.99). I was intrigued by this product since I hadn't seen anything like it before. 

How It Works

1. After heating up the Instawave, you place a 1-2 inch strand of hair into one of the slots.

2. You press the button to catch your hair to automatically rotate it around the barrel. It has a right and left button so you can decide the direction of the curl.

3. After the hair is fully wrapped around, hold it in place for 3-10 seconds. 

4. Pull the Instawave downwards to release the curl. 

Pros: The Instawave heats up quickly and has two heat settings, low and high which goes up to 420 degrees. It has an automatic shutoff safety feature. It's easy to use and you're less likely to burn yourself as with a traditional curling iron.

Cons: My hair is thin and I had difficulty getting my hair to catch onto the barrel. It would often slip off and I'd have to try again. The curls were not as tight as I would've liked, despite using the high heat setting and holding in place for 10 seconds. 

I would recommend the Instawave if you have thick hair and are looking for an easy, quicker way to curl your hair. If you have thin hair like me, you may have difficulty using the Instawave.

Please Note: A complimentary Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler was sent to me for review via Brandbacker. However, the opinions expressed in this post are solely mine.



  1. I don't5 think I have seen this product before but my hair is on the thicker side so it would probably work well. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for your honesty. A lot of bloggers get bought off with free stuff and sing praises that aren't warranted. You've got integrity!

  3. I've tried things like that before, but they never work on my hair. It's like yours - way too thin for it. Mine is super fine too.

    Midwest Darling

  4. Good to know. I have wanted to try one of these, but I have very fine hair, so it probably wouldn't work for me!

  5. hmm! I do have thick hair- might need to check it out!

  6. Love the review!

  7. Great review! It would have been good to see a shot of your hair after you'd tried it!
    Hugs xoxo


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