The Tiny Heart: Q&A: Jill of The Pinspired Mama + Giveaway!


Q&A: Jill of The Pinspired Mama + Giveaway!

Get to know Jill of The Pinspired Mama today! She's a mom that loves all things Pinterest. We did a Q&A session together, plus she has a great giveaway for you!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

Two words…Maternity leave. Ha! I had been talking about starting a blog forever, and my husband finally convinced me to try it out it while I was on maternity leave last fall. My little guy LOVES to sleep, so I ended up with quite a bit of free time. I decided to try out a few of my favorite Pinterest finds . . . and I’ve never looked back!
2. You're a mom that loves to cook...what are your tips for other busy moms that need quick meals?
The crockpot! It’s a one pot wonder :) I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve thrown something in at lunchtime and had an amazing dinner ready to go a few hours later. If you’re not into the crockpot, then freezer meals are a busy mom’s best friend. Designate a cooking day (it’s even better if you invite a friend), and spend the afternoon whipping up meals that can be frozen and pulled out on those super busy days!
3. What's your go-to dinner recipe?
Lasagna. I know most people think lasagna is pretty time consuming, but I love it because nothing seems more home-cooked than a big pan of lasagna goodness! I don’t cook the noodles ahead of time which means I can prep it the night before. I’m a big fan of meals that can be prepped prior to dinner. I would much rather enjoy a glass of wine and visit with friends than spend time in the kitchen prepping a meal while everyone else is chatting and enjoying a cocktail!

4. What is your favorite part about blogging?
Blogging is such a fun, creative endeavor for me! There is no right or wrong answer . . . and as an attorney . . . I’ve seen a lot of red ink :) It’s pretty exhilarating to write a sentence without wondering if I’ll hear “your honor, I object!”

5. You're a Pinterest maven! Can you share tips for newbie Pinterest users?

Oh my, there is a pin for everything. You name it, you can pin it. If you have a hobby, or you need a hobby, you can find it on Pinterest. Search for a topic you’re interested in . . . and create a board! Not going to lie, I’m a little bit of a neat freak, so I would suggest creating boards as you find new favorite ideas! Then when you’re searching for that oh so fabulous pair of shoes, or that delicious cake pop recipe, or that darling nursery, you know exactly where to look! You can check out my boards here  . . . 

6. Which Spring trend are you looking forward to wearing?

Oh goodness, where do I start?! There are so many things I’m looking forward to . . . especially given this dismal winter weather! But my top two would probably be these Sam Edelman leopard flats and this Kut from the Kloth denim jacket. I just purchased both, and I am so excited to pair them with my favorite coral skinny jeans . . . or my soon to be purchased mint skinny jeans :) Spring time fashions are so much fun!

Now for the giveaway! Jill is giving away two cookbooks, 20 Minute Dinners and Rachel Ray's Express Lane Meals. They both have quick and easy recipes!
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  1. she sounds like so much fun. love lasagna too!

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  3. Anyone who loves lasagna is cool with me!

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  12. Thanks for the lovely introduction, Sharon! I had so much fun sharing my tips and tricks with your readers . . . and I love hearing that they are all about the leopard flats, as well! They are clearly a stylish group of gals :)

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  21. thanks for the introduction! I am a terrible cook and would really like to learn some kitchen skills!! These cookbooks look like they would suit me perfectly! Susan


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