The Tiny Heart: 10 Ways to Relax


10 Ways to Relax

Lately I've been feeling stressed out trying to juggle work, blogging (which can be a second job!), and still finding the time to hang out with friends and family. I think it's important to find time to relax each day so that I don't get burnt out. I've come up with a list of the little things in life I love to do, so I can take some time out of each day to enjoy them.
1. Go to the beach. There's nothing more relaxing that listening to the waves crash and smelling that salt air. Best of all, it's just right down the block!

2. Taking the dogs for a walk. Every night after dinner, the hubby and I love to take Jinx and Oliver out for a long walk around the neighborhood. Seeing the dogs happy makes me happy!

3. Watching reality tv, my guilty pleasure! An hour with the Real Housewives ladies is good for the soul, haha.

4. Bake up some cookies. Is anything better than a chocolate cookie straight out of the oven? 

5. Sitting on the porch with a ice cold glass of Poland Spring® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water.

6. Having a date night with my hubby. Whether it's the local pizza joint or something fancy, I think it's important we continue to "date" each other!

7. Go shopping! Nothing like some new clothes to make me feel like a million bucks! 

8. Read a magazine. I love reading up on the latest fashion trends and getting styling ideas!

9. Do my nails. I find it incredibly relaxing to paint my nails and it only takes a few minutes.

 10. Cook up a delicious meal. I usually make simple meals, but I do enjoy cooking dinner. And of course, eating it!

What are your favorite ways to unwind? 



  1. All of these things sound incredibly awesome and relaxing!

    xo, Nina

  2. It's incredible how just taking a few minutes to paint your nails can make you feel so much better. And I totally agree about the walks...very relaxing!

  3. Nice tips!


    New post!

  4. shopping, wine, running, tv, hanging with the family. (not all at the same time, of course)! I hope you feel more relaxed...have a great weekend!

  5. I love these ideas to relax. Nothing like the beach. This months Instyle magazine is amazing.

    Happy Friday! :)

  6. great tips. I love to just sit down and watch tv to relax

  7. Those are all great ways to unwind! My favorite is to take a relaxing bath and enjoy a glass of (fake right now) wine!

  8. baking and wine always make me feel relaxed!!

  9. I love to soak in a hot bath with a nice smelling candle burning... ahhh, dreaming of that now!

  10. Relax??? Do any of us ever get that anymore? lol... I love having a glass on wine, getting in my cozys and watching tv. Best ever!

    I Pink i Love You

  11. I neverrrrrrr get to relax anymore–this is great. I definitely need to take some of this advice!

  12. Hey there Sharon! Great list and great advice that I should need to listen to, too. Have a great weekend and RELAX. hahahaha

  13. 10 great ways indeed :) btw, love your ring!

    would you like to follow each other?

  14. Love this! and holy beautiful ring :) I hope you have a great weekend!

  15. I love this post. The beach is definitely at the top of my list as far as R&R! Sometimes you just have to unwind. I can't remember the last time I just laid in bed and watched TV all day without thinking about my never ending to-do list. Oh, and that mint colored polish is beautiful! Happy Friday!

  16. Great suggestions! I love them all. I am definitely a sucker for the Real Housewives watching them makes me feel a whole lot less stressed out.
    Enjoy your week-end.


  17. Great piece about relaxation!
    I love painting nails for relaxation too. My favorite thing to do to unwind is to do yoga or watch friends reruns :)

    Best Wishes,

  18. I always say that Real Housewives is my "relaxation" time! Cause you don't have to think haha

  19. I know life can be so busy! It is hard to fit everything in! My favorite thing to do to relax is having a drink on a patio.


  20. I love many of these suggestions. Happy weekend lady!

  21. I'd be at the beach everyday I'd I could :)

  22. I've been feeling a bit stressed as well with school, work, blogging and hanging out with friends/boyfriend. It can be a bit overwhelming and I do some of the things you mentioned like shopping, painting my nails, baking, having a date night with my boyfriend and sometimes with the girls as well. I love how you mentioned the rest because I was running out of ideas.


  23. yes freshly baked cookies are the best way to relax and newly manicured nails! love it!

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  25. Exercise. I know it sounds weird, but I feel so relaxed after. :) Have a good weekend!

    xo Lulu
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  26. Yes, the blog can definitely feel like a second job! I find it to be so hard to truly relax, because I have to force myself to stop worrying about things I have to deal with in the future. Sometimes the most relaxing thing to do is give myself permission to ignore all social media for a day. It can feel so overwhelming to always try and keep up with it.
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  27. Cookies and walking a dog sound like a PERFECT way to relax. I hope you are having a good weekend!

  28. Sharon,
    I agree, shopping and cookies are great ways to unwind, as is walking and enjoying nature!
    XX, Elle

  29. I agree! Blogging and working are very time consuming! Some days I just take a break! Just too hard to keep up!

  30. I love making cookies as a way to relax! Warm chocolate cookies are the best :)

  31. i was feeling that way and stopped blogging last Thursday. hahaha it can get overwhelming and that is when you must step back from the computer. i read and shop. great outlets.

  32. Reading magazines and exercising are my destressors! Great list, Sharon! Your dogs are adorable!!


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