The Tiny Heart: Sponsor Spotlight + Giveaway: Katie of For Lauren and Lauren


Sponsor Spotlight + Giveaway: Katie of For Lauren and Lauren

Today I want to introduce you to Katie from For Lauren and Lauren. You will just love her outfits as well as her sweet personality! She also has a great giveaway for you!

Hi Tiny Heart readers! My name is Katie and I blog at for Lauren and Lauren.  I'm really excited to be here, and am a huge fan of Sharon's blog.  She is one of the first blogging friends I made!

I started my blog as a way to share my outfits with my sister Lauren and sister in law Lauren (hence the name for Lauren and Lauren). Which is kind of ironic because in high school I wore soccer shorts or sweatpants daily.  Fortunately for you I didn't document my fashion back in the day.

While I do love to share my ability to find cheap clothes and what kind of outfits I put together, I've also found great blessings in using my blog to share things in life I'm working on, lessons God is teaching me, and a lot about our struggle through infertility.  While scary at first, the support and blessings that have come from it have been far worth it.

And we are unbelievably excited and still in disbelief that we will be having a baby girl this July!

Which means I am doing my best to still find cheap, cute outfits that I can wear with this growing bump of mine.

I also love sharing about different projects I've made like these infinity scarves or heart sweater, stories as a third grade teacher and then occasionally making fun of my husband with either his constant annoying noises, or his lack of knowledge about anything fashion related.

And then of course sharing my love for sweets, clearance racks, and my complete obsession with Target. (But is there any woman who is not addicted to Target?)

And as cheesy as it sounds my favorite thing about blogging has been meeting people and making friends.  Something that I had no idea existed in the blogging world.

Thanks for having me Sharon!  I'm always excited to meet new bloggers so come visit me!

Katie is giving away a black and grey infinity scarf that she knit!
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  1. Katie is such a sweetheart. Love both of your blogs!

  2. Love the striped shirt and the animal print scarf

    following..if you like follow

  3. Katie is a doll and I was so excited when she announced her pregnancy!

  4. Love Katie!! She is so sweet!!

  5. great look, great photos

  6. She's fabulous! I love her style.

  7. Yay!!! LOVE that we are both sharing Katie's blog today!! Absolutely LOVE her!!

  8. I love Katie and I can not wait to see her baby girl!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. Wow! Very cool! I'm going to go check out the blog! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  10. Love Katie's blog - she's cas but still always so put-together!

  11. they do have great style! love this giveaway!

  12. I love her! She is adorable and she looks amazing.


  13. Cool new blog - I'll have to check it out!

  14. Aww she is precious! She's going to be such a cute mom.



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