The Tiny Heart: Sponsor in January!


Sponsor in January!

The Tiny Heart's Stats:
1,234 followers with GFC (+92 since last month)
519 Twitter followers (+120 since last month)
364 Pinterest followers
  600+ followers on Facebook, Instagram, & Bloglovin'
400-600 pageviews per day
9,052 pageviews for the month of December
and growing daily!

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  1. Wow, I can't belive that it's going to be 2013 here in just a few days. I'm so behind, I'm still writing 2006 on my checks!

    I love this particular plaid print on your scarf, it's so less in your face than the usual plaid print and looks so pretty with your sweater! (Erk, I feel silly for mentioning that I like a particular plaid, but I'm silly about plaids.)


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