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High Five for Friday

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1. My necklace collection has gotten a little out of control. I knew when it was taking me 20 minutes just to find a necklace that I needed to organize them better. I got this wooden key hook for $6 at Target. (and I am not ashamed to admit I got another necklace since buying this).

2. We got a new dog bed for Jinx. Hence Oliver has been laying in it every day since. Looks like I'll be buying another one...

3.  My adorable new May Books planner and necklace from Elizajay Charm. I'm officially monogram obsessed!

4.  Frito Pie is one of my favorite meals to make in the winter! Who doesn't love eating chips for dinner? (I made this one with Tostidos).

5. The hubs and I at Thanksgiving, before I ate my weight in food.

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Top-F21, Necklace-F21, Skirt-F21, Ankle Boots-c/o Andres Machado

This is probably one of my cheapest outfits to date. I already had the skirt ($7). You guys know I went to the movies this weekend, which is conveniently inside the mall. (FYI there's a theater that's closer, but not near any shopping. I have managed to hide this from my hubby for years). I picked up the top for $11 and the necklace for $10 from Forever 21. Neither items were on sale, but hey, can you really beat those prices?!

Total for the outfit: $28!

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Breaking Dawn

Sweater Dress-Express (similar in ivory), Scarf-Forever 21 (similar), Boots-Naturalizer (similar)

(FYI: I had a bunch of layers on underneath the dress and didn't realize they were all lumpy before I took the photos. FAIL!)

Over the long weekend, we went to see Breaking Dawn 2. I purposely didn't go to see it on the opening weekend to avoid the teenyboppers. I made that mistake with New Moon and I couldn't hear half the movie over the screams every time Edward or Jacob came on. But something happens in this movie that did not happen in the book and I almost started screaming myself.

I'm totally bummed that the Twilight movies are over. I might be almost 30, but I have the same taste in movies as a 6th grade tween.

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Sponsor Spotlight + Giveaway: The Mosby's in China

The wonderful Heather from The Mosby's in China is taking over the blog today. Hope you enjoy getting to know her and she has an awesome giveaway as well!

Hey Tiny Heart readers!!
I am so excited to be here today.
Thank you Sharon for having me!!

Don't you guys just love Sharon?
She's gorgeous & has such an awesome blog!
Not to mention, great taste!
Pretty much every one of her outfits is something I'd love to wear myself!
Can you guys guess what this is, my mustache, that is???? It's going to blow your mind... It's a water chestnut, you know that come in a lot of Chinese stir fries!! You boil it, crack it open and inside you have a water chestnut. 

I'm Heather and I blog over at

And this is my hubs, Zachary & our girl-dog, Chara. 
We're the Mosby's. Nice to meet ya!
We've been married 4 years and living abroad the past 2 1/2.
We are loving every minute of it! 
We live in the beautiful Chinese coastal city of Qingdao. We live right on the water, which is amazing, with mountains in our back yard. People say Qingdao is a gem in China. It's clean and modern and has a great, relaxed environment. We can ferry it across the yellow sea to Japan or Korea, catch an hour flight to Beijing, or a 13 hour flight to LA. And our apartment is only 10, 637 miles from my hometown, Austin, Texas. :) Stop by anytime. ;P

"What the heck are you doing in China?!"
You might ask.
And the simple answer to that question is, 
teaching, living and following Jesus in China.

But we're also doing lots of 
cooking & baking,
party throwing,
coffee & wine drinking, 
way too much eating, 
and tons more! 
Our blog documents our day to day lives, adventures and fun, which happens to be in China. 
Speaking of fun, how fun are giveaways?! Right?! 
I spend way to many hours entering blog giveaways! 
I love the feeling that I "could" win!! The suspense!
And so, to bring some more excitement to the blog world, I give you, another giveaway!
Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thank you for reading! 
We would love to have you stop by & follow our lives in China! 



Black Friday

Hat-AE (similar for $8), Top-Gap, Button Down-H&M, Necklace & Bracelet-c/o Estarer, Pants-Target, Boots-Nordstrom

Did you guys go Black Friday shopping? I barely did any. (I know, what kind of fashion blogger doesn't go shopping on Black Friday?!). Two years ago, I worked in retail. Let me tell you, after you've worked retail on Black Friday, the day is never the same again. I've seen some of the rudest people I've ever met in my life on that day, acting like barbarians over shoes! The store looked like the scene out of Mean Girls when it has gone "full tilt jungle madness". 

So, I prefer to do shopping online on Black Friday. I can shop in my pajamas, don't have to wait on lines, and best of all, I don't have to deal with rude people. 

Do you prefer shopping in the stores or online for Black Friday?

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Turkey Day

Sweater-Target, Scarf-Amazon, Pants-H&M Kids, Crossbody Bag-Coach, Legwarmers-Handmade, Boots-Bakers (similar)

This is what I'll be wearing on Thanksgiving tomorrow, which should be quite interesting. It's the first year my family, my husband's family, and my sister's in laws will all be spending the holiday together. I foresee it going one of two ways: everyone will all get along, or somewhere between the veggie dip and the salad course things will get awkward.

Either way I am bringing $lutty Brownies. Nothing brings people together like an inappropriately named dessert.

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This month, I will be donating 30% of the proceeds from December's ad spaces to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. Every time I walk by my beach, it is a constant reminder of the destruction Hurricane Sandy created to the Jersey shore.
While the power has been restored and things are starting to look more normal, the reality is many people in my state have lost everything they owned.

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Holiday Wishlist

Every year my hubby says he needs ideas/hints of what gifts he should get me for the holidays. So I figured this visual aide will help him tons this year.(Yup, this post is more for him than it is for you guys!).

1. Faux leather jacket in Black. It would go perfectly with my black ankle boots.
2. Winter coat. I have a black pea coat, but I'd love one in white/ivory/camel.
3. Monogram necklace. This one is under $45.
4. Old Navy Rockstar Jeans. I have another pair and I LOVE the way they fit!
5. White Watch
6. iPhone. I have a Droid and I'm due for an upgrade!
7. Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC bag. Okay, this one is probably not going to happen, but it's a gorgeous bag.
8. Animal print sweaters. I might look 12 in one of these, but it's an adorable trend. I love this option too.
9. Polka dot sweater.
10. Heart sweater.
11. A sweater with cool details, like this studded one.

What's on your wishlist?
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Sweater-Gap Outlet, Plaid Shirt-A&F, Necklace-Daisy Gem {giveaway win}, Jeans-A&F, Belt-H&M, Boots-Target

We decided not to go to the private party in Atlantic City on Saturday night. Instead we ditched it for... bowling!

I discovered my hubby is secretly amazing at bowling. He kept getting strike after strike and when he didn't, he kept getting spares. He joked that he's been sneaking out while I'm sleeping and been bowling all night long.

I, on the other hand, suck at bowling. Every time I bowled, the ball would go straight and right before the pins, it would veer off to the right. I got too many gutter balls to even count. But, we had a really fun night. I doubt I would've had as much fun at the party. This probably means I'm totally lame, but I'm okay with that.

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High Five for Friday

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 1. I have to give a huge Thank You to Sarah from Span Tag Designs for my new blog design! Sarah was so patient in working with me and listened to all my change requests. I absolutely love the finished's exactly what I had envisioned! If you're looking to give your blog a face lift, I highly recommend her!

recipe via

2. My pumpkin obsession continues. I baked these Pumpkin Pie Mini Croissants the other day. They're little bites of pumpkin heaven!

3.  I won a portrait from the very talented artist and blogger Akiko. I think my cartoon self might be cuter than my actual self!

4. DIY legwarmers. Take an old sweater that you don't wear anymore and cut off the sleeves. Ta-da, instant legwarmers! 

5. The hubs and I got invited to a private party tomorrow at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. I've never been there and I don't know what to wear (especially since I was only given 2 days notice!). Help! Please give me your suggestions in the comments!

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