The Tiny Heart: Sponsor in October


Sponsor in October

The Tiny Heart's Stats:
940 followers with GFC
870+ followers on Bloglovin, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter
8,768 pageviews for the month of September
and growing daily!

I am now taking sponsors for the month of October. I'd absolutely love to help grow your blog. Sponsors of The Tiny Heart can take part of sponsor spotlights and group giveaways (see each ad spot for details). I've done a little bit of changing to the ad spots this month:

-Extra Large and Large spots have now been reduced in price

-Extra Large spot is now even bigger so you get more bang for your buck! 

-I'm taking ad swaps (hurry though, only a few are available)

-NEW Signature Ad. This ad will appear on the bottom of every blog post for the entire month! 

I'd love to work with you!


  1. When does mine stop. I can't remember. Isn't it about half way done. I'm new at this and am clutzy about the correct time to do it, etc. hahahaha. thanks so much Sharon.

    1. Haha Renae! Yours ends on Sept. 30. Passionfruit ads will send you a reminder if you'd like to renew :)

  2. very cool necklace!!!!

  3. Love the necklace!!!

    how the ad swap works?

  4. Hey I want to purchase space, but do I need to make a button first?

    1. Yes, you'll need to have the button ready to go when purchasing.


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