The Tiny Heart: July 2012



 Top-F21, Shorts-c/o Oasap, Necklace-c/o JEWELIQ, Pumps-Oasap

Thank you to everyone that left such kind words after such a disastrous week! Our cars are now both fixed. The hubby decided to be the bigger person and apologize to the crazy neighbor. Since the guy came after him with a wine bottle, he thought it would be funny if he brought over a bottle of wine. The guy wasn't home, but he was able to apologize to his wife at least. We live around the corner from each other, so it made sense to smooth things over.

My computer did not fare quite as well. After putting it back together, it started up, but the screen is completely ruined. Oliver is going to need to get a job to pay for a new computer....maybe he can do some doggy modeling or something.

If you're wondering why you can't follow me on Twitter, it's because my account was suspended on Friday by accident. It's being restored and should be back up soon. I lived without Twitter for so long, but now I feel disconnected from the world after using it for a month. Damn you, Twitter!

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Down in the Dumps

Top-Old Navy (available in store, similar here), Shorts-Rampage (similar), Heels-Andres Machado, Necklace-c/o Amourx, Clutch-Vintage (similar)

Lately I feel like everything is going wrong and I can't catch a break.

First, it started with both of our cars breaking in the same week. I had to miss a day of work, which also means I missed a day of pay. After one car was fixed, it had to go right back to the shop because the mechanic didn't do it right.

Then, there was yet another incident with another neighbor (see here) over dog poop. It's a long story, but this neighbor wound up going after my husband with a broken wine bottle on my birthday. Luckily another neighbor called the cops before anything bad happened. But the cop for some crazy reason didn't arrest the guy and my husband wound up in the police station (thank god he didn't get arrested).

And to top it ALL off, last night Oliver decided to pee all over the laptop, which was on the kitchen table. And this was not just a tinkle, I'm talking an ocean worth of pee. Oh, and he also decided to pee all over the mail basket. Apparently Oliver thinks I spend too much time on the computer blogging and thinks the mail basket should be more organized. The laptop is currently being dried out in hopes that it can be salved, but I don't have much hope. In the meantime, I'm using my old Mac from college, circa 2001.

What do you do when you're feeling down?

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Denim Jacket-really old Old Navy, Tank-Express, Skirt-F21, Wedges-Nordstrom, Earrings-c/o Amourx, Necklace-Purchased in Mexico

First, I wanted to give a huge thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes! You guys really know how to make a girl feel loved!

I also want to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to my sister, Alicia!  

Living at the shore, I love all things related to the beach. My apartment is decorated with sailboats, shells, and even an old surfboard is hanging on the wall. So I figured why not incorporate this theme into my outfit?

My anchor stud earrings from Amourx were the perfect compliment to my nautical look. You guys will love this shop as much as I do... all the jewelry is handmade and $20 or less! Plus all orders have free shipping worldwide. Stay tuned for an Amourx giveaway coming up!

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Good Luck!  


Birthday Girl

Top-F21 (cute option), Jeans-A&F, Heels-Oasap, Clutch-Target (similar), Bracelet-Etsy (worn at my wedding) (similar)

Yesterday was my birthday, but I celebrated on Saturday night when I wore this out to my birthday dinner.

You know you're getting old when you get a nice meal for your birthday instead of presents. I feasted on salad, a perfectly cooked steak, and not one, but two desserts. The restaurant doesn't just have a dessert menu, but an entire dessert case. So, I had both a slice of the Rocky Road Cake AND Brownie Pie.

I spent my actual birthday at my happy place, the mall. With discounts and gift cards, I was able to buy four tops for $23, score! And ended the day by watching the Bachelorette finale. Thank you ABC, for the most perfect birthday present I could ask for, good reality TV. I wrote this post before the show, so I'm really hoping Emily picked Arie so I can end my birthday on a high note!

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Sponsor Spotlight: Daisy Rae Boutique


Today I want to introduce you to my sponsor, Daisy Rae Boutique! Some of you may already know shop owner, Kacie, from her Kacie's Kloset blog.

Daisy Rae was launched about a year and a half ago. Kacie said, "I wanted to create a shopping experience people can enjoy, a place where people can find clothes that are both fashionable and affordable."

Everything at Daisy Rae Boutique is under $50! Yep, the clothes are cute, trendy, AND totally affordable, which I love! My favorite items are pictured above. Kacie often wears Daisy Rae items on her blog so you can check out how the clothes look styled as a complete outfit.

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Have a great weekend, loves!



Tee-Express (similar for $6), Shorts-Rampage (similar), Sandals-AE (similar), Bag-Target

Months ago, the hubs decided to clean under the bed when I wasn't home. Now, most wives would appreciate their husbands cleaning, but nope, not me. 

That's because when I came home I could only find ONE of the sandals I'm wearing in the photos. He decided to throw out a bunch of stuff and I was convinced he accidentally threw out the other shoe. Well, since I'm wearing both sandals, I wrongly accused my hubby.

I might've been mistaken this time, but he's still not allowed to throw anything out if it's within 500 feet of my wardrobe. Even if this means we'll wind up on Hoarders and they'll have to dig through mounds of garbage just to find me. At least I'll have my cute sandals when our place gets condemned by the health department.

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DIY: Handpainted Rhinestone Necklace

Dress-Free People (cute option), Sunnies-c/o Nectar Sunglasses, Necklace-Vintage/DIY, Sandals-Target (similar)

I had been wanting one of those handpainted rhinestone necklaces that are so popular now, but my cheap self was not willing to pay $60 for it. So, I decided to make one myself. I'm usually way too lazy for DIY projects, but this one was super simple.

I purchased this vintage rhinestone necklace on Etsy for $8.00. Then, I took two nail polishes and painted it with two coats. Yep, if you can paint your nails, you can make this necklace! Your wallet can thank me now.

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Hair Essentials

Many of you have been asking how I style my hair, so I'm sharing the 3 different ways I usually wear it.

To achieve straight hair, I first put Sleek.look by Matrix Blow-Down Cream into my wet hair. This helps cut down on frizz. Then I blow dry with a hairdryer and flat iron with my ghd iron. By the time I go through this whole process, I pretty much need a nap.

For beach waves, I spray Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves onto wet hair and scrunch. Easy-peasy, right? (Or you can just jump into the ocean and let the saltwater do its thang).

For soft curls, I use the No Heat Curls Headband method (type that into You Tube for a tutorial). For the longest time, I tried curling my hair with a curling iron or my flat iron to no avail. It would take me forever only to discover that the curls wouldn't stay. This is hands down the easiest way to get gorgeous, long lasting curls. 

You can get different curls depending on the size of the headband...

(see, they even held up in the crazy heat in the Bahamas!)

I've discovered I don't actually need to keep the headband in works in just 30 minutes. After I take the headband out, I spray Dove Extra Hold Hairspray on and I'm good to go! 

Do you wear your hair straight, wavy, or curly? Are you a slave to your hair?


Happy 2nd Birthday, Oliver!

Today is Oll's second birthday! I can't believe my little puppy is already all grown up. 

When I saw this photo of you on Petfinder, I fell in love. I just  knew I had to adopt you. But first, I had to change your name from Frankie (you didn't look anything like a Frankie, don't ya think?)

This wrinkly face stopped traffic when I walked you! (and still does to this day).

You quickly became attached to your big brother Jinx

You look so much like his mini-me that everyone still asks if you're related!

Your love for bones quickly developed, but you've now moved on to tennis balls

You let me dress you up as shark for your first Halloween (fitting, since you were biting everything)

You might destroy the garbage when I'm not looking, break out of the doggy gate like Houdini, and howl your little part-beagle head offbut you're a good boy. I promise we'll go to the dog park, play fetch with your tennis ball, and go to Petsmart to pick out the best toy they have.

Happy birthday my mini monster!

Linking up with The Molly Buckley for #YOLO Mondays!


What to Wear? Link Up: Backyard Barbecue

 Dress-AE (worn here, cute option), Clutch-Vintage (similar), Sandals-AE (similar), Sunnies-Ray Ban

Can't you just smell the hot dogs and burgers grilling? We don't actually have a backyard, so barbecues here take place on the driveway. (I wasn't kidding when I said I live in the ghetto!).

If anyone has a suggestion for the next What to Wear? Link Up, feel free to leave your idea in the comments! 

Add your link below:

My Makeup Essentials

Today I'm sharing my top 5 essentials in my makeup bag. Yup, just five. I promise you can do your makeup with just these and be done and out the door in less than 10 minutes! I've gotten it down to a science...

I use this as my starting base and as an eyeshadow primer. I love that this product has SPF in it too, so I'll also use it when I go to the beach as a sunscreen. It gives lightweight coverage. When I want something a little heavier, I've been using a BB Cream.

This semi-sparkly beige (not the shade pictured above) is my daily eyeshadow. For a nighttime look, I add MAC Eyeshadow in Carbonized (a shimmery bronze-y brown) for a natural looking smokey eye.

This liner goes on smooth and stays on all day.

  I've been using this stuff for ages and have yet to find a mascara that works better than this one. It's a classic! And I love the drugstore price tag of $4.

 No Jersey girl's makeup routine is complete without bronzer! This one is two toned so you can control how dark or shimmery you want it to be. I typically only use this in the summer and a little goes a long ways. You don't want to wind up looking like George Hamilton! (In the winter I'll substitute blush).

There you have it, my makeup routine in 10 minutes or less!

What are your makeup essentials? How long does your makeup routine take?


EBEW: Colorblocking

Top-F21 (similar), Top worn as Skirt-Urban Outfitters (similar), Belt-F21 (similar), Necklace-Vintage (similar), Heels-Oasap

Today I'm linking up with Everybody, Everywear for the Colorblocking challenge.

Color Blocking | Everybody, Everywear

Oh, I'm wearing a tube top as a skirt. I don't know if I should be happy or alarmed that my chest is apparently the same size as my waist.

You can also find me over at Mini Me Style today, kicking off her Petite Fashion Series! I'm giving my top 5 Style Tips for Petites.


PS Remember the What to Wear? Link Up is on Thursday! Get your backyard barbecue looks ready!