The Tiny Heart: Q&A: Tara from Penniless Socialite


Q&A: Tara from Penniless Socialite

**Tara from Penniless Socialite is with us today while I'm vacationing in the Bahamas. Like me, Tara is a fellow Jersey girl and she always makes me laugh out loud. Please note that this is a scheduled post and I won't be able to respond to comments until I return from my vacation.**

1. What prompted you to start a blog?
My insanely large ego and constant need for attention...just kidding (a little).  I work at a small law firm, so there is almost no one to tell me I look pretty everyday or to appreciate my style.  I started reading fashion blogs and my giant head told me I could do it better.  I was in for a rude awakening.  First, modeling for photos is HARD.  Tyra makes it look so easy, telling you to SMIZE and all that.  Second, HTML is HARD.  I spend countless hours just trying to figure out what I'm doing.  Third, it's a TON of work.  
I've kept blogging because of the wonderful ladies I've met and because it forces me to put on real clothes at least five days a week. The style inspiration and compliments I get on my outfits brighten every day now.  So, I guess I've kept blogging because of the ego and the attention.  I still find it amazing that there are over 100 ladies who actually care what I say everyday.  My boyfriend (the Scot) thinks it's very dangerous. 

2. What are your top 5 wardrobe essentials?
Pencil Skirts - I have them in a rainbow of colors.
Black Ballet Flats - They go with every thing and give your feet (legs and back) a break.
Statement Necklaces - It makes even a t-shirt look dressy.
Cardigans - I work in a business casual office (into which they also pump air straight from the Arctic Circle in the summer) and sometimes my cuter dresses and tops just show a little too much shoulder.
Blazer - It just screams classy lawyer lady, and that's really the look I go for on a daily basis.

3. What's the biggest Jersey fashion fax-pas you've seen?
It's really hard to narrow it down to just one.  New Jersey seems to be where fashion goes to die.  Feathered bangs are probably the worst thing I have ever seen.  Yes, Mom, I am looking at you.  But seriously, can we also stop wearing platform flip flops and ruining denim jackets with rhinestones and assorted plastic jewels?

4. What are your favorite places to shop?

Anthropologie, J. Crew and Target.  However, I have never paid full price for an item at Anthropologie or J. Crew....and I frequently use coupons on clothes at Target.  Seriously, Target's website has coupons for clothes.  You can find so many great deals at Target.  I worry that some trends will be passing and don't want to spend a ton of money.  So, I drag myself over to Target.  I make it sound like a chore.  It's not or I wouldn't be at Target at least once a week.  Based on the Target property of multiplication, if I go into Target for one item, I come out with 56.

5. What's your go-to outfit (aka what you put on when you can think of what to wear)?
A pencil skirt, t-shirt and a's my fall to winter uniform. Well, that's my "for public viewing" uniform.  If I don't need to be out in society, I'm usually wearing some sort of horrible t-shirt that I probably got for free and yoga pants. 

6. What are some of your daily blog reads?
For fashion I read, Kendi Everyday, Because Shanna Said So, The Other Side of Gray, Feathers and Freckles, and (of course) The Tiny Heart.  I love these blogs because they're real girls with real style.  And I can steal outfit ideas from them.  For giggles I read Natalie Dee.  I sometimes wonder if Natalie Dee is spying on my life and animating every thing I am thinking.
7. Favorite Jersey rocker....Bon Jovi or Springsteen?
This is the most difficult question I've ever had to answer.  In order to answer this question, I have to think about at which concert I would be louder and more embarrassing.  It's how I show affection. In that case, Bon Jovi.  When I forced the Scot to take me and my friends to see Bon Jovi on my birthday last year, I am pretty sure he thought about leaving me there in my Bon Jovi-induced hysteria. He didn't though, and that's why he's a keeper.  
Good answer, Tara. Bon Jovi is my favorite, hands down. 

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  1. Loved the interview!! So great to get to know you better and I love all of these outfits!! I agree with all of your wardrobe staples! Springsteen is my favorite though ;)


  2. Great questions, Sharon. Once again! I loved the answers too, Tara. Like Angela just said, I feel like I got to know you better!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  3. This was a fun interview, especially because I just started reading Tara's blog recently!

  4. I like her style! She wears pieces that I would wear and is a great inspiration. Love the interview!

  5. Such a sweet interview! It's nice to read fellow blogger thoughts and inspirations! Hahaha for Target- it's a very dangerous store, happens to me all the time- go in for 1 thing, come out with 87!!!
    Good luck!

  6. I just visited her blog and wow she did the coding for her own site? I am impressed! She looks fantastic in photos, and yes sit is true tyra makes it look easy!


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