The Tiny Heart: June 2012


Movie Date

The hubby and I had a movie date the other night. This event is about rare as seeing a Jersey Shore cast member without an orange tan. I like comedies, while he prefers action/war movies (and anything with Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, or Megan Fox). He loves to joke that we have nothing in common. So, when I found out he actually wanted to see Rock of Ages as much as I did, it was a true miracle. 

 Fedora-F21, Tee-Old Navy, Skirt-F21, Sandals-AE (similar), Sunnies-Ray Ban Jr.(similar style)

I was a little worried that he wouldn't like it since he hates musicals, but 80s rock is right up his alley. Tom Cruise actually made quite a hot 80s rockstar. (I didn't want to admit that, since he weirds me out now ever since the whole Scientology debacle). And he slayed the Bon Jovi songs, which should say a lot to you, since I worship Bon Jovi like a Jersey rock god.

Do you and your other half have the same taste in movies or do you battle it out like we do?

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Giveaway: Han Made Things Clutch & Coin Purse {CLOSED}

Hannah from Han Made Things is giving away a custom bow clutch AND matching coin purse to one lucky reader! 

I wore my Han Made Bow Clutch here on the blog:

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Bling Bling

Top-F21 (cute option), Shorts-Rampage (similar), Sunnies-Ray Ban, Heels-Dyeables (very similar), Earrings-Anjolee

I feel very Real Housewives of Orange County in this outfit. It must be from all the bling I'm wearing. And they looove to be blinged out. Of course, they also love drama rama, but we'll stay away from that part.

I have to give a big thank you for Anjolee for making my beautiful ear bling possible. 

If you're not familiar, Anjolee sells gorgeous custom diamond jewelry. In addition to stud earrings, they have many diamond tennis bracelets, diamond bridal sets, and so much more. And what girl doesn't love diamonds?


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Decked Out

Skirt Worn as Dress-TJ Maxx (similar), Belt-H&M (similar), Necklace-Classy With A Kick, Sandals-AE (similar), Sunnies-Macy's (similar for $20)

I'm standing on our brand new deck that was finished while I was away on vacation. The best part about it? It was freeee. Yup, one of many perks of apartment living. Our landlord wanted to build a corral for our garbage cans underneath and decided to turn it into our own private deck. Score! I'm looking forward to many summer nights having dinner and drinks with my hubby (and Jinx and Oliver) on here.

Big thanks to Jill from Classy With A Kick for sending me this gorgeous turquoise necklace! She makes them in so many other bright colors too and they're only $20 each. Want one of your own?
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Disclaimer: Classy With A Kick provided me with a complimentary necklace. However, the opinions in this post are, as always, solely mine.


Bahamas: Night Looks & Anniversary

After spending all the day in the sun, we went out to dinner at a different restaurant every night. Having all these dates with my hubby was a nice excuse to get dressed up (at home we're usually eating at the local taco place, not exactly fancy schmancy).

This is me waiting for the bus...I wish the bus stops here in Jersey looked half this good.

Dress-F21 (cute option), Necklace-Bitterroot Vintage, Bag-Coach (similar),

When I got to the restaurant, I saw that I was pretty much the only tourist that wasn't wearing shorts and a tank top. And I was definitely the only one that was wearing heels on the bus. But that's just how I roll.

Dress-Bahamas boutique (cute option), Necklace-Vintage (similar)

I bought this dress in the Bahamas the day we went shopping downtown. You can't tell from the photo, but it's a maxi and it was only $21! I'm sure I'll be wearing it again soon on the blog so that you get to see the entire thing.

Anniversary Dinner: (cute option), Necklace-Bitterroot Vintage

Our last night in the Bahamas was our first wedding anniversary (if you missed it, you can read about our wedding HERE). We wanted to go somewhere extra special. We picked an Italian restaurant that had an outdoor courtyard and was surrounded by palm trees and plants. Once it got dark, they lit lanterns on the table. They also had two cats that roamed the property (Adam fed a good portion of his seafood dinner to them). 

A few minutes into our dinner, Adam got a tap on the shoulder. To our amazement, it was the woman sitting across the aisle on our plane to the Bahamas! We had talked the entire plane ride and we planned to meet up during our trip. But alas, once on the island we had no cell reception and couldn't get in touch. This little surprise (coincidence? fate?) made our anniversary all the more sweeter. It was truly a wonderful night. 

And if you're wondering, my plane friend and I have already chatted again on Facebook.


Bahamas: Day Looks

During the day, we mostly sat on the beach and then walked across the street to the Daiquiri Shack for lunch. They had every fresh fruit you imagine to put into your daiquiri and then they poured a very generous amount of rum in. This one guy hung out there every day and he looked like a Bahamian Flava Flav. I wish I would've gotten a photo of him!

We also ventured downtown to go shopping. This was my shopping outfit (and one of the few times I wore clothes other than a bikini during the day):

Tank-A&F (similar for $5), Shorts-Target Kids (similar), Watch-Michael Kors (cute option), Sandals-AE (similar), Crossbody Bag-Coach (similar), Sunnies-Ray Ban Jr. (similar Ray Bans)

We discovered this man that was selling conch (that he had just caught) off his boat.

See that table? That's where he chopped up the fresh conch and made it into a salad. Naturally, my hubby decided he wanted to try it. (I was in the corner, standing far away from it and trying not to puke at the thought of eating it).

Adam right before he ate the conch. I had the ambulance on standby.
But no worries, he was fine!


Bahamas: Destination Wedding

Our friends got married on Paradise Island the second day of our Bahamas trip. I wasn't exactly sure what to wear, so I took a few dresses with me (thinking I could always wear the other ones out to dinner). Since it was hot, hot, HOT in the Bahamas, I decided to go with this body con tank dress. (Forgive me, I know this look is very similar to the last wedding I went to!)

Dress-Express (very similar option), Necklace-Eclectic Ornaments

My hubby is so wonderful for holding my clutch (along with everything else!)

Signing the "guest book" plate

The terrace where the wedding took place

The happy bride and groom

The wedding (ceremony and reception) took place on a terrace overlooking the ocean so we were outside the entire time. I was praying my hair (that I hairsprayed to death) would hold up in the humidity. Would you believe my hubby was the ONLY guy there that wasn't wearing a suit? He couldn't imagine wearing one in that heat and figured a more casual look would be fitting. Normally I say it's better to be overdressed, but that definitely didn't apply in this case!


Bahamas: Beach/Pool Looks

Hi guys! I'm back from my Bahamas vacay and I've got tons of photos to share with you all week long! I'm coming back tanner and wonderfully relaxed (thanks part to having no cell service on the island). And I was really sad to leave. 

Today I'm going to share my beach and pool looks from the trip...

 Yep, the water really did look like that. I didn't do any editing on this photo.

Floral tank-Romeo & Juliette Couture via Loehmann's (cute option)
The view from our room's balcony

 White Bikini-Victoria's Secret (similar), Sunnies-Ray Ban Jr. (similar Ray Bans)

Blue bikini (left)-Old Navy (similar) Leopard print (middle)-VS (similar), Polka dots (right)-VS (similar)
I wasn't kidding when I said I packed two bikinis per day! 
Dress- local NYC boutique (cute option)

 Romper-F21 (similar romper)
If you look closely, you'll see I added a stripe to my pedicure. Big props to NYC Nail Color (which I used on both my hands and feet). My manicure lasted the entire trip with minimal chipping! Not bad for 97 cent polish, huh? 

More Bahamas looks coming up tomorrow!


Guest Post: Sarah from Simply Sarah

** Sarah from Simply Sarah is with us today while I'm vacationing in the Bahamas. Sarah always pulls together the cutest looks from her thrift store shopping trips. Please note that I can't respond to any comments until I get back from my vacation.**

Hi everyone!  My name is Sarah and my fashion blog is called Simply Sarah. Simply Sarah is about maximum fashion with minimum dough; and don't we all know about that ladies!  As a result, I'm a thrift-store hoarder.  It's true - I even joined TSH Anonymous.  I often go thrift shopping, and as a result find excellent deals from name-brand stores!  

Take for example the shirt I wore in each of the pictures below.  This is a Forever 21 t-shirt, simple yet cute, that I have styled for you in three ways.  Who says that t-shirts are only for casual looks or "day-off" looks?  You can style with any t-shirt but what I like about this one is that the stripes give it an extra little kick.  Thank you also to Sharon for letting me guest post here on her blog; isn't she fabulous??!

Here's the first t-shirt design: How to wear a t-shirt to work!

Pencil skirts are often an office staple; but they don't always have to be paired with a button up or suit jacket!  Give your regular 9-5 look a kick with the striped tee, and mix in some color and personality with a statement necklace.  Work appropriate, AND comfy!

Second Look: How to Give Your T-Shirt a Casual Look!

Anyone can throw together a t-shirt and shorts and/or jeans.  But what can give your look a little something extra is the way you accessorize or off-set the t-shirt.  The colored shorts gave the outfit some color, and as I've learned recently through blogging you CAN mix patterns! Instead of the traditional flip-flops with shorts/tee look, I mixed in my leopard flats not only to complete the look but also to give that "kick" again!  (Literally - a pair of leopard flats I betcha pack a real big kick!)  Pattern mixing can take an outfit from regular, everyday to interesting and unique!

Third Look: Wearing Your T-Shirt on Date Night!

Last but not least, I think it's important to talk about your date night/going out look.  One of my closet staples is a by far a good blazer; I have almost 6 in black!  The versatility of a blazer can do so many good things for your outfit (But we're not here to talk about blazers and my obsession of them - check out Simply Sarah if you want more of that!)  The nice thing with this outfit, which is my favorite, is that you can still pair in that statement necklace but the blazer and heels give a tee and jeans look a sexy edge.  Going to dinner, out for drinks, movies, anything - the t-shirt mixed with the blazers, skinnies, and sexy pumps gives a sophisticated, chic weekend outfit!

So there you have it!  Three ways to style your wilting, dull, regular-ole t-shirt!  Of course there are many other options (who can deny a good cardigan??) but I wanted to showcase my favorite looks.  How do YOU style your tee?

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks again Sharon!!


Q&A: Tara from Penniless Socialite

**Tara from Penniless Socialite is with us today while I'm vacationing in the Bahamas. Like me, Tara is a fellow Jersey girl and she always makes me laugh out loud. Please note that this is a scheduled post and I won't be able to respond to comments until I return from my vacation.**

1. What prompted you to start a blog?
My insanely large ego and constant need for attention...just kidding (a little).  I work at a small law firm, so there is almost no one to tell me I look pretty everyday or to appreciate my style.  I started reading fashion blogs and my giant head told me I could do it better.  I was in for a rude awakening.  First, modeling for photos is HARD.  Tyra makes it look so easy, telling you to SMIZE and all that.  Second, HTML is HARD.  I spend countless hours just trying to figure out what I'm doing.  Third, it's a TON of work.  
I've kept blogging because of the wonderful ladies I've met and because it forces me to put on real clothes at least five days a week. The style inspiration and compliments I get on my outfits brighten every day now.  So, I guess I've kept blogging because of the ego and the attention.  I still find it amazing that there are over 100 ladies who actually care what I say everyday.  My boyfriend (the Scot) thinks it's very dangerous. 

2. What are your top 5 wardrobe essentials?
Pencil Skirts - I have them in a rainbow of colors.
Black Ballet Flats - They go with every thing and give your feet (legs and back) a break.
Statement Necklaces - It makes even a t-shirt look dressy.
Cardigans - I work in a business casual office (into which they also pump air straight from the Arctic Circle in the summer) and sometimes my cuter dresses and tops just show a little too much shoulder.
Blazer - It just screams classy lawyer lady, and that's really the look I go for on a daily basis.

3. What's the biggest Jersey fashion fax-pas you've seen?
It's really hard to narrow it down to just one.  New Jersey seems to be where fashion goes to die.  Feathered bangs are probably the worst thing I have ever seen.  Yes, Mom, I am looking at you.  But seriously, can we also stop wearing platform flip flops and ruining denim jackets with rhinestones and assorted plastic jewels?

4. What are your favorite places to shop?

Anthropologie, J. Crew and Target.  However, I have never paid full price for an item at Anthropologie or J. Crew....and I frequently use coupons on clothes at Target.  Seriously, Target's website has coupons for clothes.  You can find so many great deals at Target.  I worry that some trends will be passing and don't want to spend a ton of money.  So, I drag myself over to Target.  I make it sound like a chore.  It's not or I wouldn't be at Target at least once a week.  Based on the Target property of multiplication, if I go into Target for one item, I come out with 56.

5. What's your go-to outfit (aka what you put on when you can think of what to wear)?
A pencil skirt, t-shirt and a's my fall to winter uniform. Well, that's my "for public viewing" uniform.  If I don't need to be out in society, I'm usually wearing some sort of horrible t-shirt that I probably got for free and yoga pants. 

6. What are some of your daily blog reads?
For fashion I read, Kendi Everyday, Because Shanna Said So, The Other Side of Gray, Feathers and Freckles, and (of course) The Tiny Heart.  I love these blogs because they're real girls with real style.  And I can steal outfit ideas from them.  For giggles I read Natalie Dee.  I sometimes wonder if Natalie Dee is spying on my life and animating every thing I am thinking.
7. Favorite Jersey rocker....Bon Jovi or Springsteen?
This is the most difficult question I've ever had to answer.  In order to answer this question, I have to think about at which concert I would be louder and more embarrassing.  It's how I show affection. In that case, Bon Jovi.  When I forced the Scot to take me and my friends to see Bon Jovi on my birthday last year, I am pretty sure he thought about leaving me there in my Bon Jovi-induced hysteria. He didn't though, and that's why he's a keeper.  
Good answer, Tara. Bon Jovi is my favorite, hands down. 

 Visit Tara at Penniless Socialite!