The Tiny Heart: Q&A: Julia from Cup of Tea


Q&A: Julia from Cup of Tea

Today I did a Q&A session with Julia from Cup of Tea. Julia has the most gorgeous red hair and always looks so ladylike in all her outfits. I hope you enjoy getting to know her!

Where did the name of your blog come from?
Cup of Tea came from my love for tea!  I love to enjoy a good cup of hot tea and am always trying new kinds.  I related this to style in that everyone has their own taste.  I like trying new styles but ultimately, my personal style is my cup of tea.
What are some of your wardrobe essentials?
Right now, it's probably a tie between [faux] leather jackets and blazers.  I'm enjoying the spring weather because its my chance to wear these light outerwear pieces and not be too cold or hot.  I don't think I can have too many of either of these pieces!

What's your favorite spring trend?
Definitely the colored skinny jeans.  More specifically, mint colored skinny jeans.  I'm completely obsessed with mine.  I have to remind myself to wear my other jeans or else people will think I never do laundry and just wear the same pants everyday.
What are your favorite places to shop?
My newest favorite place to shop is a local consignment shop called That Girl.  It's exciting to go in there and search around.  You never know what you'll find!  As for main stream stores, some favorites include H&M, Express, and Kohl's.

What's your go-to outfit (aka what you put on when you can think of what to wear)?
My go-to outfit is probably a pair of skinny jeans, my brown leather riding boots, and some kind of flowy top.  My riding boots got so much use this past fall and winter!  I'll be really sad when it's too hot to wear them this summer.

What are some of your daily blog reads?

Aside from The Tiny Heart, I enjoy reading A Southern Drawl, Shannon Hearts, Girl and Closet, and so so many more!!

Who or what has had the most influence on your style?
Vintage style has always influenced me.  Photos of my mom from the '70s give me a lot of inspiration (it helps that I wear many of her clothes from that era!).  I'm really drawn to the '60s and '70s music and fashion styles (the good ones, NOT the cringe-worthy ones), and also the Swiss Graphic Design style.  Current style icons of mine include Alexis Bledel and Lauren Conrad.

Be sure to head on over and see more of Julia's style at Cup of Tea!

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  1. LOVE her style!! will definitely check out her blog!

  2. Love her style so much and she seems like so much fun! I'll definitely check her out! Yay!!

  3. I love the second outfit :)

  4. LOVE Julia's blog - she has gorgeous style, so fun to get to know more about her :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Love her style so much! Will definitely check out her blog!


  6. Julia is very cute, I was excited when I first found her blog because I love finding other redheaded bloggers :)

    Love your new layout here!!

  7. Julie is adorable, I will definitely check out her blog. Great Q&A Sharon!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. I love the idea behind this post, Sharon! What a great idea. I am loving the necklace in that last outfit. Too perfect!

  9. Cute feature!! I will definitely have to check out A Cup of Tea :)

  10. i love her style...i am off to check out her blog now!

  11. You know, I can tell she is inspired by Girl and Closet, her outfits look similar to the ones found on that blog, while still being super unique. Great interview! :)

  12. She's got great style! I will have to check out her blog!

  13. Wow, I really like the dress in the last picture :)
    I must admit that I find her hair quite stunning :)

    xxx Camilla,

  14. I love this post! She seems like a girl I can relate to.


  15. Great post! I will head over to Julia's blog now :)


  16. She is adorable. Skipping over to check her out now. Loving her fun and quirky style!

  17. so cute! love this idea.

  18. Love her style - and totally agree about the skinny jeans and riding boots, aka my weekend uniform during the fall and winter!

  19. She is so cute! Your so right about her hair I wish I had lovely red locks like her. Def going to check out her blog :)

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    Sara :)

  21. OOo that is 2 new blogs you've introduced me to this week! Going to stop by to say Hi!

  22. she has FABULOUS style! great interview.

  23. Oh yay! Thanks so much for featuring me!! I love YOUR blog, Sharon :)

    Cup of Tea

  24. Great post! I would have to agree with her for the love of coloured pants and faux leather jackets... Going to go check out her blog! Thanks Sharon :)

  25. Lovely pictures I loved the jacket, red pants, and especially the red dress outfit. I had a great time reading your answers!

    I am #15 on your bloglovin!!


  26. I love her blog, she has great style:) My favorite spring trend would also be colored skinnies, but I am still on the lookout for one!

  27. I love Q&A's! It's always fun getting to know someone that way. She has an adorable style! :)

  28. This was such a fun interview, Julia has really great style and I am so with her, colored skinny jeans are so fun!

  29. Love reading Q&A's!! She has such a sweet style, really enjoyed this interview :)

  30. I love cup of tea! So this questionnaire just made my day, Sharon. I too love my riding boots and some skinnies...i'll be putting them away soon though (Wahhh) because of the weather.

    A Southern Drawl

  31. She looks adorable. Goota check her out. =)


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