The Tiny Heart: April 2012


Guest Post: Fashion and Beauty Finds

Amy from Fashion and Beauty Finds is with us today! Amy has amazing style (as you'll see in her outfit below), puts together the most fabulous Polyvore sets, and is always in the know about the latest beauty products. And her boys are absolutely adorable. It's her very first guest post so please give her a warm welcome!
Hi guys! This is Amy from Fashion and Beauty Finds. Sharon was so sweet to let me guest post for her today. Thank you Sharon, and thank you guys for reading. I hope you enjoy my first ever guest post!

My husband and I took our two young sons out last weekend for a mini photo session. We found an area full of trees next to a church near our house. It seemed like the perfect spot for pictures.

Dress-ASOS, Heels-Steve Madden, Earrings-Handmade

I thought a lace dress would look great against a backdrop of such pristine beauty.... It looked beautiful but man was it hard to get pictures! Other than my nose itching like crazy (I have horrible allergies this season), my dress whipping around more than I would have liked (the wind must have been blowing at 50 mph), and my hair getting stuck in my lip gloss, the mini photo shoot went just fine! We all came home itching and sniffing from our brief time spent outdoors, but I think we got some pretty great shots of our boys that I will love forever. 
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Wedding Details at Jessica Chronicled

 Photo by Kate Connolly Photography

Today I'm over at Jessica Chronicled and I've got a special treat for you! Jessica asked me to share some of my wedding reception details, all the little things that made my wedding extra special. It was hard to narrow it down to just a handful of photos, but we'll save the rest for another time...promise!

If you're planning your wedding, be sure to check it out to get some fresh and unique ideas! I also make custom wedding designs at The Tiny Heart on Etsy and I'd love to create something special for you.

Have a great weekend, loves!


Hint of Floral

Tee-F21 (very similar F21 option), Skirt-F21 (HERE and it's $6!), Necklace-Seek First, Sandals-Target (cute option)

Today I'm linking up with Marionberry Style for her trend of the month challenge: florals! I figured I'd do something a little more subtle this time since I'm already worn a bunch of bright floral print tops and skirts. Obviously I'm a huge fan of floral prints, but you can embrace this trend too without wearing it head to toe.

I have to give a shout out to Audrey from Putting Me Together since I won this beautiful flower necklace in her giveaway. I wore it to work and I received so many compliments (some of my co-workers were in awe that it was a necklace!). Thanks girl! 

Florals: do you wear it in small doses or head to toe?



Cardi-Gap (cute option), Button Down-H&M (similar), Jeans-A&F, Necklace-Bitter Root Vintage, Belt-H&M (similar), Bag-Juicy Couture (similar Juicy bag), Wedges-Nordstrom

This was a weekend of firsts. First time I'm wearing a sock bun (aka blogger bun). I had attempted it weeks ago but for the life of me couldn't figure out why my hair wasn't wrapping all the way around the sock. I have now learned that: a) it won't work with wet hair and b) you need a super high pony tail (think cheerleader hair). 

Is it just me or does the sock bun look an awful lot like Wilma Flintstone?

I also went thrifting at my local Goodwill for the first time! After seeing an Escalade and a BMW in the parking lot, I had a feeling there might be some designer pieces inside. While it was more Target than Tory Burch, I scored a Forever 21 dress and a striped button down. My hubby also found a Banana Republic button down for himself that looked brand new. Total for all three items: $12. Although the woman at the register looked me up and down (what, a girl like me can't like a bargain?), I'll be back to thrift again. 

Sock buns...yay or nay? Do you thrift or do you stick to the mall?


Brights at Enter Kelly

Today I'm over at Enter Kelly as part of her monthly blogger spotlight. Kelly lives in Canada and she proves that no matter what type of weather comes your way (and she gets some brutal snow in the winter!) that you can still be super stylish.

If you couldn't tell, I'm talking about brights (the sunglasses are so I don't blind myself from my outfit...haha, I kid!) and my tips on how to style them.

So head on over and show Kelly some love! 

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Summer in April?

Tank-Express (similar), Necklace-F21 (similar), Belt-H&M (similar), Dress (worn as skirt)-F21 (worn here, cute option), Sandals-Target (similar)

Yesterday it hit almost 90 degrees in Jersey...totally crazy for this time of year (global warming, much?). I couldn't wait to leave work and hit the beach in my bikini. But when I got home it felt about 10 degrees cooler with the ocean breeze. 

Then I remembered it's still April and not a warm summer day, sigh. I had to reach for a light sweatshirt instead of my bikini.

Even though I didn't quite get my summer beach day, there's still nothing better than this:


Polka Dot Dress

         Dress-F21 (similar), Belt-F21 (similar), Sandals-AE (similar), Watch-Michael Kors (similar)

Would you believe this dress had been sitting in my closet for years, purchased sometime in college and never worn? I had forgotten about it until the polka dot trend started. It was this weird in between length, past knee length but shorter than a maxi. Finally it dawned on me that if I shortened it, it would be perfect. (Duh! Why didn't I think of that years ago?!). Thanks to my mom's sewing skills, I feel like I have a brand new polka dress.

Luckily the weather was sunny and warm this weekend, giving me the chance to wear it. It hit 82 degrees yesterday (the warmest it's been all year). Naturally this meant I wanted to cram in all the summertime activities I could into an 8 hour span...eating Chipotle burritos al fresco, walking the dogs along the beach (Jinx swam in the ocean), sitting on the porch with a friend, and barbecuing. The only hitch... the grill was out of propane so we had to settle for boiled hot dogs instead. Perfect weekend in the perfect polka dot dress.

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Tee-Gap (similar), Sunnies-Ray Ban Jr (HERE), Shorts-Rampage (similar on sale!), Belt-H&M (similar), Necklaces-AE, Bling Sandals-Target (cute option)

This outfit might seem kinda schizophrenic, with the long sleeves paired with shorts and sandals. But that's only because the weather can't make up it's mind if it's winter or spring. So I wore a little bit of both seasons.

I just realized I wore some form of stripes every day this week (here and here). I confess I have a stripes obsession. I'll try my hardest not to wear any stripes next week, but I'm not making any promises.

Yes, I'm wearing kids sunglasses today. (Don't laugh, we already know I shop the kids department). I have a really hard time finding sunglasses that fit my petite face, so I was excited to discover Ray Ban's Jr. line. They're basically just a scaled down version of their womens line and they'll save you a ton of dough. I highly recommend them for anyone that finds other sunglasses are just too big.


EBEW: Pastels

Button down: Target (similar for $20!), Tank-Express (similar), Jeans-Paper Denim Cloth (similar), Necklace-Unknown? (similar), Flats-Target (similar)

Today I'm linking up with Everybody Everywear for the Pastels challenge. 

Image 4554

I'm so excited that I sold two items over the weekend for my Etsy Shop, one of which was a custom order! I design DIY wedding stationery. Since I've had this blog, I've sadly been neglecting my shop. I'm hoping to put more effort back into it again (nothing like 2 new sales to motivate me again!).

I sold these Thank You Signs (which can be used as a photo prop!)
My custom order was based off the Candy Buffet Sign


Denim Jacket

Dress-Target, (no longer online but similar here), Jacket-Old Navy (similar option), Sunnies-Macy's (similar for $6!), Flats-Target (similar)

This weekend consisted of lots of family time due to the holiday weekend. Friday and Saturday we celebrated Passover with my family. I ate tons of matzoh ball soup and my mom's pot roast (her claim to fame). Sunday we celebrated Easter with my hubby's mom and brother. And by celebrated I mean we went to a bar for lunch, ha. I've also been eating Easter chocolates all week, so that counts right?

While I was at my parents' house, I went searching for my old jean jacket in my closet. Luckily my mom keeps everything and it was still there (don't worry, she doesn't have to go on Hoarders, promise). I feel very 1993 in this jacket. Am I channeling DJ Tanner or what?

Are you wearing your jean jacket again or is it a trend you wish stayed in the 90s?


Hot Pink + Stripes

Cardigan-Express (worn here, similar), Tank-Express (worn here, similar here), Necklace-Vintage (similar), Skirt-Esprit (similar), Wedges-Nordstorm (HERE)

It's time for Little Facts! (Thanks Rebecca from See Me Rwar for these!).

Body: Sometimes I wish I was much taller than my 4'10" self, but then I remember that I have a very tall hubby to reach the items on the high shelf. And 4 inch heels.

Peeve: People that air their dirty laundry on Facebook. While it can be hilarious to read, some things shouldn't be advertised on the internet. I don't need to know that you're fighting with your baby daddy for the 653rd time. Keep it to yourself, okay?

Allergy: I'm allergic to apples, pears, cherries, peaches, and plums. The cherries probably give me the worst lips start to swell and my throat gets tingly. I get a mild reaction to apples and I eat them any way since they're just so delish.

Little Facts



The other night the hubs and I decided to take a 5 minute rest. The 5 minutes turned into almost an hour. When the hubs finally got up, I heard him screaming, "OLIVER!" 
The dogs opened the cabinet (that has a child proof lock on it for this very reason), dragged out the garbage can, and tipped the contents out. The entire kitchen floor was covered in garbage. We're pretty sure this was Oliver's idea, but Jinx looked pretty guilty too. I should've taken a photo for you to see, but all I was thinking in that moment is that the garbage stunk and I'd better Febreeze, stat.

Jacket-Target (similar), Dress-Lulus (similar), Boots-Target (similar), Necklace-Eclectic Ornaments (HERE)

But then the dogs turn back into my little angels and all is forgiven:


Guest Post: Jessica Chronicled

Today the lovely Jessica from Jessica Chronicled is with us today to talk about color blocking. I'm so pleased to welcome her as my first guest blogger! I love seeing the super cute outfits she comes up with, reading about her married life, and seeing her adorable puppy named Bear (you will fall in love with him, I swear!).

Hello Tiny Heart readers! My name is Jessica and I blog over at Jessica Chronicled. I was so excited when Sharon wanted me to guest post here because I just love her style, and because I also have a hubby-picture-taker. They're the best.

So today I wanted to discuss color blocking with you all (by the way, I never know if it's one word or two? or hyphenated?).  There are so many bright colors + pastels out there in the spring color palette so it makes color blocking even easier. Sometimes it can be a little tricky to mix and match colors, so one thing you can always is try is throwing in a neutral.

In this outfit, I toned down my bright blue pants and red heels with a neutral creamy color on top. Had I chosen a bright yellow top instead, it could have worked, but it also could have turned into a big Crayola disaster. So I played it off with the cream.

 Lace Blouse: Questhaven (HERE), Tank: Kohl's, Pants: TJMaxx (similar), Shoes: INC (very similar)

 It's definitely good to take risks with your style, but just trying color blocking for the first time can be scary if you have never tried it before (or sometimes even if you have). Plus, neutrals always keep it classy, so they work well with all colors. Of course there are no right or wrong answers, but sometimes guidelines help. For some unknown reason I find it easier to get myself dressed in the morning when I have a plan rather than just trying to pick out + pair whatever my little heart desires.

So, I want to know YOUR opinion. What do you think about color blocking? What's your favorite color combination? Right now mine is definitely pink + red.

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