The Tiny Heart: March 2012


Draw Something

Cardi-Gap (worn backwards here, similar), Top-F21 (similar), Pants-H&M Kids (similar), Belt-H&M (similar), Boots-Bakers (similar)

Is anyone else as obsessed with the Draw Something app as I am? I had to pry myself away from it to take outfit photos for you.

If you don't know, it's a drawing game that reminds me of Win, Lose, or Draw except it's electronic which means the drawings don't come out as well. It cracks me up because occasionally they'll give you something crazy to draw, like Lady Gaga.

I'm so obsessed that I decided that having it on just my iPad was not enough so I got it for my phone too. Except then I got the word, "tebowing" and sadly realized that would be next to impossible to draw on my teeny, tiny screen.


Wedding Guest Attire: Printed Dress

Dress-Express (old) (similar), Belt-Old Navy (similar), Clutch-Vintage (similar), Pumps-Andres Machado (HERE)

We attended our friends' wedding on Saturday afternoon. We were super excited for them since they got engaged before we did and it wasn't until 3 months ago that they decided they were actually going to plan a wedding. It was the complete opposite of the last wedding we attended, as it was non traditional and very laid back. The luncheon took place before the ceremony, so we saw both the bride and groom before they walked down the aisle. (The bride changed from a white, short cocktail dress into her wedding gown so there was still some surprise). There were no flowers, no DJ or band, and the ceremony took place in a bar.

Because it was a day wedding, I decided to wear a printed dress, as it's a bit more fun and less formal. Apparently some of the wedding guests interpreted "day wedding" to mean flip flops, shorts, and jeans! I was horrified...holy inappropriate! It's never okay to wear any of those things to a wedding, unless you're at a destination wedding (and even then the shorts are pushing it!). Let's just say these guests were not from Jersey (I won't name which state). 

2 weddings down, 3 more to go to this year!



Cardigan-AE (worn here, similar), Tee-Express (similar), Scarf-Target (similar), Jeans-Target (similar), Flats-Target (similar)

This weekend was a busy one, as it was filled with wedding activities for our friends' wedding on Saturday. I wore this outfit to a bowling party they had on Friday night, which they dubbed Final Freedom Friday, haha.

It was held at a bowling alley 5 minutes from where we live that was built in the early 60s. There's no electronic score boards, so if you want to keep score, you have to do it with pencil and paper. There's also a stage in the middle of the lanes, where local bands play. It attracts a hipster crowd (which is not really my scene), but it was still a fun time. The hubby joked that he should've worn skinny jeans, ha! 

                                                     Image Via

The best part was watching this little kid bowl in the next lane. He'd walk up, drop the bowling ball at his feet, and it would miraculously go all the way down the lane. And he got a bunch of strikes.Yup, I got my ass kicked in bowling by a 4 year old.

Visit the blog tomorrow to find out what I wore to the wedding!


Hot Pink + Polka Dots

Blazer-Loehmanns (similar), Dress worn as Top-NYC boutique (similar), Skirt-F21 (similar), Pumps-Andres Machado (HERE)

Today I'm linking up with Marionberry Style for her Trend of the Month Challenge: Neon! 

So far the only neon I own is hot pink. I wore all shades of neon as a child in the 80s, but I just don't think highlighter yellow is as flattering on an adult than it is on a 5 year old! I even saw neon clothes in the mens section, whoa! (My hubby will not be wearing this trend. He laughed at a mens bright yellow shirt and I have agree that it looked pretty ridiculous).

I have to give a special shout out today to Kim from A Very Sweet Blog. I won her Vitabath giveaway (naturally I picked the Beach Blossom scent since I live at the beach!). She made it extra special by sending some more goodies in my package including a sample Crest Whitestrips. Thanks for the swag, Kim!

 Are you rockin a little or a lot of the neon trend?


Country Club

Cardigan-F21 (HERE), Blouse-F21 (similar), Shorts-Rampage via Macy's (similar), Belt-F21 (very similar), Sandals-American Eagle (similar)

When the hubs saw me in this outfit, he said I looked "rich." As in, I looked like I was dressed for the country club. I told him I don't think ladies who lunch at the club wear belts that were $1.50. 

To which he said, "they make belts that cheap? Wow." Yep, dear hubby, this is why I can look like I'm going yachting when I'm actually on a row boat budget. (Clearly he was kidding about the country club. He's seen our bank account!)



Two years ago today, my hubby (then boyfriend) proposed to me. Back then, I was still living in NYC and he was in Jersey, so we only got to see each other on the weekends. That Friday night was nothing out of the ordinary. I rode the train down after work, we ate burritos from our favorite place, and then we were watching tv. He went towards the closet and said, "Wanna see something?" and pulled out the ring box.

Yup, he proposed to me in what is now our bedroom. 

He later told me he had planned to write "Will you marry me?" in the sand on the beach the next morning, but he got so nervous that he decided he couldn't wait any longer to propose. To this day, he still says he blew the proposal.

I didn't get some over-the-top, romantic proposal, but it did come from the heart. And that's really all that matters.

Engagement Photos by Jimmy Brosius and ring photo by Kate Connolly


Sunnies & Sandals

   Top-Forever 21 (similar), Necklace-Forever 21 (similar), Jeans-A&F, Wedges-Target (similar), Sunnies- Macy's (similar)

It's time for Little Facts!

Words: I think it's hilarious when people make up words and think they're real words. Like my husband, who for the longest time, thought fragrance was fradrance!

Fear: I have a fear of my neighbors seeing me take blog photos. My one neighbor was walking by as I was taking these and luckily he didn't say anything. But darn it, it made me forget to take a photo of the back of this shirt, which has a cute little bow detail. I should probably take photos somewhere other than my block, huh?

Childhood: I took gymnastics when I was younger. It was the perfect sport for my petite self (you never see any tall gymnasts for a reason) and I got to wear all these fun leotards. I could do all the different kinds of splits, which sadly I can't do anymore.

Little Facts



Cardigan-Gap (similar), Tank-Bitten (similar), Jeans-H&M Kids (similar), Flats-Target (similar), Necklace-Gift from hubby

Every March, Jinx starts itching his fur, chews on his paws, and gets watery eyes. Yup, my dog suffers from seasonal allergies. Poor thing starts moping around the house and sleeps all day (this is not much different from a normal day, except for the extra moping). He starts to look like one of those sad dogs from the ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan music playing in the background.

Over the weekend, my throat started getting scratchy and I've been sneezing. I think it might be allergies. Luckily, we already had Benadryl laying around to treat Jinx. Yep, that's right, I'm sharing medicine with my dog. If I start barking, I'll stop taking it. (totally kidding, Jinx is taking Benadryl meant for people).

 Jinx, laying on hubby's pillow, on an allergy free day


Fine Dining

 Trench-Old Navy (similar), Tee-Old Navy (similar), Jeans-Paper Denim & Cloth (similar), Necklace-Vintage (via Rick Rack Collection), Flats-Target (similar)

Saturday night I was enjoying my Applebees peach sangria (it's served in a glass that looks like a fishbowl, people), when out of the corner of my eye, I see the cops came in. They made a beeline for one of the customers. Apparently he was ordering drinks for an underage girl and when the waiter asked for her ID, she bolted. And then the guy refused to pay for the drinks, so they called the police.

My theory is, the fancier the restaurant, the more likely they will serve you scotch on the rocks at 16 without question. Clearly this guy confused Applebees for fine dining.


Gingham + Stripes

Button Down-H&M (similar), Tank-Express (similar), Jeans-A&F, Necklace-Unknown (similar), Flats-Target (similar), Bag-H&M (similar)

This post is being linked up with See Me Rwar's Little Facts! Today's Little Facts about me are:

Pet Peeve: Cars with one brake light and people that don't use their signals. These types of people must think I have driving ESP and will automatically know when and which way you're going to turn.

Food: I love to cook/eat any kind of Italian food (spaghetti, meatballs, baked ziti, chicken cacciatore, eggplant parm) and I could eat it every single day and never get sick of it. Funny enough, I am not Italian.

Guaranteed Happiness: Taking a walk along the beach with my little family, my hubby and two furbabies! 

Little Facts


Big Pimpin'

For the past week or so, I've been woken up at 1 or 2 in the morning thanks to some jerk that is blasting their music out their car window. It's the obnoxious club music that has a thump, thump to it. It only lasts for a few minutes, like someone is picking up/dropping off someone and then driving away.

Blazer-F21 (similar), Tank-Express (similar), Scarf-Target (similar), Belt-F21 (HERE for $2.50!), Jeans-A&F, Wedges-Nordstrom (HERE), Nail Polish-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet (HERE)

I'm pretty sure it's my new neighbor across the street because she doesn't have a car. She also has guys constantly coming in and out of her apartment, so naturally I think it must be her late night appointment that's playing the music.

Yep, that's right, I'm convinced my new neighbor is a Craigslist hooker. (Craigslist since she doesn't have a car, and clearly isn't one of those high end call girls). So as much I'd love to confront the music playing John, I'm scared I'll get my butt kicked by someone wearing a fedora with gold teeth.



Sweater-Target (HERE), Button Down-H&M (similar), Dress worn as Skirt-AE (similar), Belt-Old Navy (similar), Socks & Tights-Target, Boots-Naturalizer (similar)

Today I did a Q&A session with the lovely Dani from The Daily Dani. Head on over to see my 5 essential wardrobe items (hint: I'm wearing 3 of them in this look!), tips on dressing for petites, my favorite bloggers, and much much more!

Have a fashion question that wasn't answered? Email me at and your fashion question just may appear in the blog!

I also want to give a big THANK YOU to my readers, as I've reached 100 followers today! I've been blogging for just over 2 months and you've helped this blog to grow, grow, grow! I also want to say thank you for all the sweet, thoughtful comments you've written because those mean even more to me than the numbers. It makes me so happy knowing that you're reading what I have to say and you actually like it! Big hugs, my loves!


Dogs in Sweaters

 Growing up, I always wanted a dog. My sister was allergic and so, the only pets we had were goldfish. But let's face it, they're really not a good substitute for dogs.

I dreamed about taking my dog for long walks, playing fetch with him, and cuddling on the couch. And in all these scenarios, my dog wore a sweater. (Naturally, my dog would be fashion forward).


Dress-Aqua via Bloomingdales (similar), Cardigan-F21 (HERE), Belt-H&M (similar), Necklace-Stella & Dot (HERE), Flats-Target, Oliver's dog sweater-Martha Stewart Pets via Petsmart

So, when I saw this dog sweater in Petsmart, it felt like it was meant to be. Oliver gets to rock the colorblock trend alongside me and best of all, my dream of having a dog in a sweater finally came true.