The Tiny Heart: February 2012



Cardigan-Gap {very very old}(similar), Top-F21 (similar), Belt-H&M (similar), Jeans-A&F, Headpiece-Simply Irresistible Boutique on Etsy (HERE), Bracelets-F21 (similar), Flats-Target (similar)

Three things about this outfit:

1. It makes me want to eat rainbow sherbet. Or mint ice cream and orange creamsicles.

2. The headpiece I'm wearing was meant for babies, but since I liked it so much I had it made it my size. And I think I rock it like no baby can!

3. When taking these photos my neighbor walks by and says, "You know I'm a photographer, right?" Yep, of all people that had to witness my blog modeling, it had to be by a professional photographer. Figures. The hubs and I just laughed and luckily our photographer neighbor didn't ask why I was taking photos.


Jolly Green Giant

Well, I finally gave in and jumped on the color denim bandwagon. When these first started appearing in stores, I thought, "Ridiculous, they look like they belong to the Jolly Green Giant. Who would wear that?!"


 Cardigan-Express (similar), Top-A&F (similar), Jeans-Target (HERE), Necklace-Pure Jewel Designs (HERE), Shoes- Target (similar)

Color denim was a foreign concept for someone that loves wearing black. You can take the girl out of New York, but you can't take the New Yorker out of the girl. And New Yorkers don't do color! 

Well, I am eating my words, people. You can call me the Green Giant (or Gumby or the Green Hornet) now because I love these pants!

How do you feel about color denim? Were you slow to warm up to this trend?


Floral Print + Hot Pink

             Cardigan-A&F (similar), Skirt-F21 (similar), Top-Hollister (similar), Wedges-(HERE)

Thanks to a really warm February day, I've got spring fever! Please ignore the fact that my legs are so pale I'm going to get mistaken for a vampire. I promise I'll be tan soon (and you won't even recognize me after a whole summer at the beach).

Spring means...

Driving with the windows down, sun on my face

After dinner drinks on the porch

Long walks on the beach with my fur babies 

Eating brunch outside at a sidewalk cafe

Trading in my boots for sandals

What does spring mean to you?


Liebster Blog Award

I was SO excited when I saw that Tara from Penniless Socialite awarded me the Liebster Blog Award! My blog is just over 2 months old so I am thrilled that my blogging efforts are paying off! Thanks so much Tara! Be sure to check out her blog...Tara always cracks me up and I admire her closet clean outs!

 I'm awarding the Liebster Blog Award to:

1. Bmore Love Leigh. Leigh and I both have rescue dogs (her doberman Wally wears sweaters, is anything cuter?!) and we all know I'm a sucker for dogs in blog pics. And she has an amazing sense of style too! 

2. The Daily Dani. I love Dani's blog because her style is really different from mine...California cool! Think Lauren Conrad. Her west coast fashions are so fun and she is so sweet to boot!

3. Lace, Etc. Preethi impresses me with her awesome sewing skills (I wish I could sew my own clothes!) and her dabbling in her hubby's wardrobe. She proves stay at home moms can be fashionable too!

4. Enter Kelly Kelly is such a trooper for taking outdoor photos in the Canadian winters. Doesn't matter how cold it gets or how much snow is on the ground, Kelly is braving the elements for her readers. And she manages to look super stylish while doing it. 

5. Here (and) Now I love Jessica's trend reports that keep me in the loop of what's coming next for Spring. And she has a pug named Doug! Enough said.

If you've been awarded the Liebster Blog Award:
Choose 5 up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers to award.
Give thanks to the blogger that awarded you by linking back to them. Follow them too for extra appreciation.
Post the award on your blog along with the links to the 5 bloggers you chose. (it's also nice to leave them a comment letting them know!).


Cute Elbows

 Blazer-Loehmanns (similar), Dress worn as tank-Express (similar), Skirt-F21 (HERE), Belt-H&M (similar), Boots-Naturalizer (similar), Bag-H&M (similar)

A friend asked us if we wanted to go clubbing this weekend. It seems there's really only three reasons to go to a club:

1. Drink until vodka tastes like water.
2. Pick up the opposite sex with a cheesy line.
3. Get your dance on.

Since I'm not a frat boy, reason 1 is out. Thank goodness I am taken and I don't have to deal with cheeseballs anymore (reason #2). One time at a bar I was told I had "cute elbows". (Really?! That's my best feature?). So really the only reason to go is to dance...

Then I realized I can barely stay up past 10 pm and I'd much rather spend a Saturday night on the couch, in my pajamas, eating Cheez-Its out of the box while watching a Real Housewives marathon. 

Do you like to go out or stay in? 


Backwards Cardigan

Cardigan-Gap (similar), Tank-Hollister (similar), Jeans-A&F (here), Boots-Bakers (similar), Necklace-AE (similar), Belt-H&M (similar)

I'm wearing my cardigan backwards today. Nope, it's not Backwards Day like in elementary school when our schedules were switched along with our clothes. Nor am I auditioning for Dating in the Dark.

Today I'm wearing my cardigan backwards on purpose!It's a trend that was seen in the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2010 runway and I've been dying to try it.

My tips for backwards cardigans are:

Pick a cardigan that does not have pockets. They're not flattering in back (think about their placement) and it will look too obvious. You may have a nice but random stranger gently telling you your shirt is on wrong.

Make sure the label is not hanging out. Nothing screams "this is on backwards" like the tag in the front.

Wear it proud! Either a V Neck or Crewneck style will work for this trend, just be confident and you'll pull it off.

So, would you wear your cardigan backwards?



Shirt-AE (similar), Belt-H&M (similar), Jeans-Paper Denim Cloth via Loehmanns (similar), Boots-Target (similar)

I feel like I could be a Ralph Lauren ad with this outfit. All that's missing is my horse. And those hat thingies the jockeys wear.

I've only been horse back riding once while on vacay in Puerto Rico. I thought it would be soo fun to go horseback riding through the jungle. Too bad the tour guide looked at me like I had cooties and refused to help me get on the horse. Note, my petite little legs are not long enough to hoist myself on an animal 5x my size. Horse: 1, Sharon: 0.


Wedding Guest Attire

On Her: Dress-Modcloth (HERE), Tights-Target, Shoes-Andres Machado (HERE), Clutch-Vintage (similar), Shrug-Express {old}(similar)//On Him: Suit-Alfani via Macy's (similar), Shirt-Express (HERE)

Don't the hubs and I clean up nice? We got all spiffy for my friend's wedding on Sunday. We gorged ourselves on black angus steak, drank Pomegranate Martinis and Apple Sangria, and I danced till my feet hurt. The hubs does not dance. I didn't get even ONE little dance with him all night. But I got to see him look all handsome in his suit!
                    I was waiting for security to yell at him for touching the books in the library...
One wedding down, 4 more this year to go! My goal is keep all my wedding looks under $150, as I did with this one. Who says you have to spend a lot to look good? (can't say the same for hubby's suit, but he'll be getting lots of wear out of it!).
                               Happy Valentine's Day, loves!


Grey Stripes + Grey Jeans

Jacket-Gap (similar), Tee-Gap (similar), Jeans-Hudson {warehouse sale}(similar), Flats-Target (similar) Necklace-Bip & Bop {giveaway win}(HERE)

I have the Monday morning blues in a big way today. I had my friend's wedding yesterday afternoon (photos coming tomorrow) so I am pretty exhausted today. Let's just say there were bottles of Grey Goose on the tables. It's also freezing outside (it feels like 14 degrees right now) which made it even harder to get moving this morning. Work is going to be a rough one.

Today I'm being featured on Rinsefield, a brand new fashion site that lets people talk about their style, beauty, and fashion. You can check out the feature on me here. I'm so honored that they asked me to be a part of their site so please show it some love!


A Case of Fashion Block

(Oliver thinks smelling the tree is more interesting than posing)
Dress-Forever 21 {old} (similar), Cardigan-Gap {old}(similar), Belt-H&M (similar), Leggings-Forever 21 (here), Boots-Target (similar)

I was having a major case of fashion block. You know, when you loathe everything you have in your closet and whatever outfit you try on looks awful? 

Yup, it was one of those days. It took me an entire hour to finally come up with this outfit. There were so many clothes, belts, and scarves thrown all over the place that my bedroom was starting to look worse than a Forever 21 dressing room after a group of teenagers were in it. 

This dress is definitely shorter than I remember it being (did it shrink in my closet?) and I wore these boots all week (major blogger faux pas). But in the end, I finally put an outfit together that made sense. Fashion block over.


Moto Jacket + Jeweled Tee

Jacket-Target (HERE on Sale), Cardigan-AE (similar), Tee-JCrew (old), Jeans-A&F (similar), Boots-Target (similar)

I ordered this jacket from (on clearance for $12.25!). To my surprise, Target delivered not only the jacket, but someone else's size XL womens footy pajamas to me! (Too bad they weren't something cute in a size XS). What on earth was I going to do with those?!

Naturally, I took them back to Target and nervously attempted to return them. It didn't help that the woman in front of me was clearly trying to return a DVD that came from another store and the Target employee was not having it. Yikes. Thank goodness my smooth talking hubby was with me and effortlessly returned the pjs. I now have a Target gift card, yay!

Footy Pajamas orderer, if you're out there, I'm dying to know what they accidently sent you. If it's a flat screen tv I'm going to be really jealous.


Mixing Patterns: Stripes and Plaid

Top-Gap (similar), Skirt-Gap (similar), Belt-Old Navy (similar), Scarf-Forever 21 (HERE), Socks-Target, Boots-Target (similar)
Raise your hand if you ate yourself into a finger food coma and drank your weight in alcohol while watching the Superbowl. 

Can they please just make the Monday after the Superbowl a national holiday? It seems un-American to work the next day after watching the biggest sporting event of the year. And I don't even like football all that much. (But I do like having an excuse to eat all the crappy but delicious foods I want. Mmm guacamole dip).

Did you call out "sick" this morning? I'm sure your boss knows you're faking it, but if they're smart, they called out too!


Idiosink Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Idiosink Giveaway is...

Comment #8 is TaraMixandMatch! Congrats!!! 
Please email me at: 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 


Motorcycle Chic

Jacket-Target (similar), Shell-Forever 21 (old), Skinnies-H&M Kids (similar), Boots-Chinese Laundry (here), Clutch-Vintage via Sweet Lindseys (similar here), Necklaces-American Eagle(similar)
Okay, so I admit I planned this outfit just so I could wear it with the Harley. Doesn't it make the most excellent prop for a motorcycle chic look?

Don't worry, I didn't show up to work in this getup.

Yes, I know I'm wearing hooker boots, a la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. But you can't be a biker chic without a little edge

The hubs made me pose with his hick truck. (No offense to anyone that drives a lifted truck, but we don't live in Texas). Soo hilarious,  little me with the huge truck. He declared, "this is going in the blog!" so here it is. This one's for you, baby.

Remember, today is the last day to enter the Idiosink giveaway for a chance to win a beautiful druzy necklace!