The Tiny Heart: Belted Scarf


Belted Scarf

Today I decided to try out the belted scarf trend. It was showcased in the Sass & Bide Fall 2011 runway show:

                                                          Photo courtesy of
       Jacket, Scarf, Flats-Target, Cardigan-Old Navy, Jeans-Abercrombie, Belt-H&M, Sunglasses-Ray Ban
I was finally able to get some outdoor pics since it was 64 degrees on Saturday. Practically a heat wave in January! These were taken at the boardwalk, one block from where we live. I'm pretty spoiled in that I get to see the ocean on a daily basis. The Jersey Shore is actually really beautiful and not the trash-tastic place you see on the MTV show. It's kinda sad because people will frown when they hear where I live. But I don't actually know anyone that fist pumps, has an orange tan, or dresses like a hooker in the daytime. Would Snooki or JWow wear a belted scarf? I think not.

Are you rockin the belted scarf trend?


  1. I am definitely a huge fan of scarves! I like hoe you've belted it, and it's definitely a great look for Spring!

  2. OK, I admittedly am a fan of Jersey Shore and all the GTL-ing it implies, but I lived in Belmar for a few years when I was wee little. I think Belmar has changed quite a bit, but I recall it being a charming quiet preppy little community-oriented beach town when I lived there - except for that little boy who threw my lunchbox away, it was lovely! ;o)

  3. Hi Sharon! Hello from California...we are having a heatwave! Just found your site! You are adorable all 4' 11" of you....I am 5' 2" and wear alot of heels! hahahhah Love your site...will be following you! Stop by at mine...if you like!
    XO Carrie

  4. I love this idea! Definitely going to try it!

  5. Thanks ladies, you're all so sweet! Welcome Kimberly and Carrie! :)

    @Lisa, I admit I watch Jersey Shore too even though it's a trainwreck. Belmar is very quiet now in the wintertime, but it gets pretty awful in the summer. It attracts all the guidos and guidettes and I steer CLEAR. I live in a smaller, more family oriented town just a few minutes from Belmar. :)


  6. I've been dying to try the belted scarf trend, but I'm waiting for the right scarf. I live in NJ too, but sadly there are a lot of orange people in my neck of the woods. I live only a few miles from the Gatsby Salon of "Jerseylicious" fame.

    Penniless Socialite

  7. great photos. love the belted look.

    Hope you had a great New Year!

  8. it came out lovely! i have to give this a try

  9. @Tara, oh no, the Jerseylicious people are almost as bad as the Jersey Shore cast!

  10. Hi Sharon, I am Ada. Nice to meet you.

    I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and had a little time to just browse around and adore most of your outfits. Today I am starting to read and see what you've got from the very first post. I decided to reply here cause you mention Jersey Shore which I happen to like as well. It is beautiful, chill, casual, cool & classy. Those TV Shqo stereotypes are just that.

    Ohh and I adore belting scarves and do that every now and then. They look cool layered up like that and look like a mini vest. Therefore adorable outfit. Loving this particular scarf.

    Ohh and last but not least, your very first photo (of your wedding) from your first post is beautiful. Very romantic shot and the two of you look adorable.

    So please WELCOME TO MY PAGE, stop by, leave comments, share ideas, give me tips or advise. =)

    Have a Great Week!! <3 Ada.


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