The Tiny Heart: January 2012


Polka Dots & Cobalt

Blazer-Forever 21 (similar), Shell-Old Navy (here), Skirt-Express (similar), Belt-H&M (similar), Flats-Target (similar), Clutch-Target (similar)

I went shopping with the hubby this weekend to find him a suit. Would you believe the man does not have ONE suit in his closet? The only time in the 5 years we've been together I ever saw him in a suit was for our wedding (and that was a rental!).

He had two things in mind while shopping: 

1. Look like James Bond.

2. The suit must fit as well as Ryan Gosling's suits do in Crazy Stupid Love.

Hubby wound up purchasing a suit in Macy's and will be tailoring it to achieve #2. He already tried it on again when we got home and he's walking around saying "suit up!" (like Barney on How I Met Your Mother) so you know he loves it! 

I'm sure you're dying to see it, but alas, I must keep you in suspense till he debuts it at a friend's wedding in 2 weeks!

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Idiosink Giveaway! {Closed}

I am so thrilled to announce The Tiny Heart's first giveaway!

Idiosink is giving away this gorgeous Druzy Geode Pendant Necklace!
                                      (Giveaway necklace may vary slightly from photo)
This 18 inch necklace is handmade using druzy and geode stones which have a gorgeous iridescent sheen to them. It is a one of a kind piece! 

Shop owner Eilidh says she herself is "a fashion and accessories junkie" and this would be a fabulous piece to add to your jewelry collection! She comes all the way from England and is generously willing to ship this necklace across the pond to my readers. Please show Idiosink some love and check out her amazing jewelry pieces!

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Navy Stripes + Hot Pink

Cardi & Striped Tee-Express (similar cardi, similar tee), Chambray Shirt-Target (similar), Jeans-A&F (similar), Wellies-Hunter (here, wearing kids version here)

 Rainy days make me wish I could pull a Ferris Bueller and call out "sick" from work, 

snuggle on the couch with my puppies,

watch all the Twilight movies from start to finish. (You know, because it's always raining in Forks),

and eat loads of Mac N Cheese (only the kind out of the box with the powdered fake cheese will do).

What does Oliver like to do on rainy days? He likes to blog, of course:

Make sure to stop back here on Monday for my first giveaway!

Awkward Girls


Belted Sweater Dress

Apparently being married means you share a lot of things, including germs. I must've passed the cold I had 2 weeks ago onto the hubby, since he came down with it this weekend. Hubby turns into his little boy self when he's sick. He'll claim he's "dying" and I should call an ambulance right away.
 Sweater Dress-Express (similar), Scarf-Burberry{gift}(similar burberry), Belt-Old Navy (similar), Leggings-Forever21(here), Boots-Naturalizer (similar), Sunglasses-Ray Ban (similar)

I'm pretty sure this is why men don't have to go through childbirth. Don't tell him I said this, but it's kinda funny to hear these words come out of someone who rides a Harley and has tattoos up and down his arms. When I was sick, I still cooked dinner every night. No ambulance needed. 

Today's post is being linked up with Freckles in April for the winter challenge, "embrace a trend" outfit. I'm rocking the belted scarf trend!


Petite Shoe Review: Andres Machado Pumps

Blazer-Gap Outlet (similar), Tank-Express (similar), Skinnies-H&M Kids (similar), Pumps-Andres Machado (here)
My feet match my petite body...they're petite too. I wear a size 4 in womens, which makes shoe shopping quite the challenge. Most womens shoes start at size 5, making them just a bit too big for me. I was in the market for a pair of black pumps, in a size 4, under $100, and with a high heel. My search turned up the brand Andres Machado. To my delight, this designer had multiple options for black pumps. I ordered this peep toe pair from via seller for $49 plus shipping.

They're made from synthetic suede and have red soles. When I first put them on they felt a tad narrow in the toes, but after walking around in them they loosened up a bit. They have a hidden platform which makes them easy to walk in despite the 4.5 inch heel height. They come in a huge size range, from size 2 to size 12 (whole sizes only). I'm really pleased with these shoes and plan on purchasing Andres Machado shoes again in the future.

Petites, what are your shoe resources?


Celeb Inspiration: Kyle Richards

Today's look was inspired by the lovely Kyle Richards. If you're not familar, she's on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is also Paris Hilton's aunt. I'll admit it, I am a sucker for reality tv. (You name it and I probably watch it). The Housewives series is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.
                                                 Image via
I love Kyle's California style and she's gorgeous to boot. I decided to recreate her casual blazer and button down look. I love the pops of red, although I don't have a diamond encrusted watch or Hermes belt (my belt was $3 at Old Navy...yup, pretty sure she's never shopped there).

Blazer-Loehmann's, Button Down-H&M, Jeans-A&F, Flats-Target, Pearls-Vintage via Etsy


Missing Black Skirt

Hubby and I live in an apartment without a washer and dryer. (It's a small price to pay for living a block from the beach). We do our laundry at the laundromat up the street but occasionally we get lazy. Sometimes we'll have them wash and fold the laundry for us. Sounds great, right? Wrong!  

One day I couldn't find my favorite black skirt, a bandage skirt with an exposed back zipper from Express. Naturally, I blame this on the laundromat because let's face it, I am not one to lose clothes! 

 Cardigan-JCrew Outlet, Blouse & Skirt-Forever 21, Belt-H&M, Boots-Naturalizer, Necklace-Etsy via Bitterroot Vintage, Watch-Michael Kors
I secretly kept hoping my skirt would magically appear but it didn't. So, when I saw this black skirt at Forever 21 this weekend, I bought it. It doesn't have the back zipper but for $7.80 I think it just might be my new favorite.


Preppy Plaid

Button Down & Jeans-A&F, Cardigan-American Eagle, Flats-Target, Belt-H&M, Pearls-Vintage via Etsy

I hit the mall this weekend (yes, again) and they had absolutely amazing sales! The plaid shirt in this outfit was originally $68, on clearance for $20 and then an additional 50%, bringing it to $10! This is why I can hardly ever pay full price. Makes me so happy being cheap. It's the little things in life.

While I while shopping in A&F, out of the blue I was asked if I was interested in becoming a store manager. This is literally the third time they've offered me a job while shopping. It's pretty flattering since everyone that works there appears to be under 21 and they all look like models. I guess I fit the Abercrombie & Fitch preppy type?


Navy Lace + Purple

 Cardigan-Abercrombie Kids, Button Down-H&M, Skirt-Express, Socks-Target, Boots- Bakers, Necklace-American Eagle, Watch-Michael Kors

I have a confession to make. I shop in the kids' section. As a petite, my biggest challenge in shopping is finding clothes that fit. Sometimes kids' clothes will fit me better than women's clothes because I'm so tiny. This is especially true with pants since I have shorter legs. Plus, it saves me tons of money. The cardigan in this outfit came from Abercrombie Kids and it looks identical to their womens' version, with smaller proportions and a smaller price tag.

I usually have to do my kids clothes shopping alone. My hubby despises it when I'm in the dressing room at a kids' only store since he doesn't know what to do with himself while he waits. It's obvious he's not there to shop for himself and he doesn't have a child with him. He swears the mothers are giving him the evil eye, as if they think he's a dirty old man for being alone in a kids store. Not the case, but it's just easier if I don't bring him along!


Celeb Inspiration: Ashley Olsen

Today's look was inspired by Ashley Olsen. She's wearing my favorite trend this season, stripes!

My take on the look:
Jacket- Gap, Top, Leggings, Necklace, Ring-Forever 21, Scarf-Target, Boots-Chinese Laundry, Bag-Botkier

I think Ashley and her sister, Mary Kate, are super stylish. I love that they are also on the design side of fashion with their clothing line, Elizabeth and James. They are also amazing petite fashion icons, as they are both just over 5 feet tall.

I'm also a big fan of the Olsens, as I've often been told I look like them. I got this even more when I was blonde. Not sure I see the resemblance, but I take it as a compliment! I've also been told I look like a mini Julia Roberts (again, I don't see it, but I'm super flattered by it). Hubby thinks I look like Rachel Bilson. I don't know, I think I just look like ME!


Belted Scarf

Today I decided to try out the belted scarf trend. It was showcased in the Sass & Bide Fall 2011 runway show:

                                                          Photo courtesy of
       Jacket, Scarf, Flats-Target, Cardigan-Old Navy, Jeans-Abercrombie, Belt-H&M, Sunglasses-Ray Ban
I was finally able to get some outdoor pics since it was 64 degrees on Saturday. Practically a heat wave in January! These were taken at the boardwalk, one block from where we live. I'm pretty spoiled in that I get to see the ocean on a daily basis. The Jersey Shore is actually really beautiful and not the trash-tastic place you see on the MTV show. It's kinda sad because people will frown when they hear where I live. But I don't actually know anyone that fist pumps, has an orange tan, or dresses like a hooker in the daytime. Would Snooki or JWow wear a belted scarf? I think not.

Are you rockin the belted scarf trend?


Revamped Old Tweed

   Top-JCrew, Belt-H&M, Skirt-Personal Vintage, Leggings & Bracelets-Forever 21, Boots & Socks-Target

I swear I've had this tweed skirt since high school, which makes it at least 10 years old (ugh, now I feel old). I haven't worn it in forever, but when I was going through my dresser the other day, it was calling my name. Pairing my skirt with some updated accessories breathed new life into my oldie.

I kinda love how if you hold on to a piece long enough, it will eventually come back in style. I remember wearing leggings when I was 4. Now I wear them constantly. Same thing with plaid shirts. They were more flannel like back then, but I remember they were trendy in 6th grade.

What trends are you wearing now that you wore back then?


Green + Blue Gingham

                             Sweater, Button Down, & Handbag-H&M, Jeans-Abercrombie, Flats-Target
                            Close up of shirt, cuffed. Love that it has a different pattern!

Today's outfit was inspired by Lily from Lily's Style (this post). I love the emerald green offset by the blue shirt underneath. I'm trying hard to incorporate more color into my winter wardrobe. I have a tendency of wearing a lot of grey and black when it's cold out. I guess I can't help it after living in Manhattan (what New Yorker doesn't love head to toe black?), but putting on a vibrant color might just be the cure for the winter blahs. I feel more fabulous already! And I didn't break the bank with the sweater on sale for $12 (originally $19.80) and the button down at $19.99 (snagged the last size 2!).

Do you have a colorful winter wardrobe?


New Year, New Look

           Dress, Button Down, and Belt-H&M, Leggings-Forever21, Boots-Naturalizer

I wore this outfit to work today. My office is pretty casual and I can pretty much wear whatever I want. I'll often wear jeans to work, but today I decided to go for more of a typical business look. Please excuse the angle which is making my legs look extra stubby. I swear those boots (which are leather) look much cuter than they photographed!

The blog now has a brand new look! And I'm really proud of myself, since I'm new to blogging and HTML. It took me some time to figure out how to get the graphics up (thank you, internet tutorials), but I did it! Hope you guys like it!  

I'm also pleased to announce my Etsy Shop is a sponsor of The Handmade Wedding, a brand new blog for the DIY bride. They feature absolutely beautiful weddings and unique vendors to make your wedding extra special. If you're planning a wedding, this is a great resource to check out!